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Need recommendations for solicitor to sue doctor.

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Kerrywerrywoo1 Sat 07-Sep-19 19:56:44

My fathers doctors have really screwed up by totally missing the fact he has advanced pancreatic cancer. He spent the last 2 years giving them symptoms identical to his own mums - who passed from pancreatic cancer- and they kept robbing him off. His doc was convinced he is diabetic and every symptom my dad approached him with was put down to ‘ probably diabetes ‘ and he was sent for checks/ all the checks came back negative and the doctors had basically for 24 months plus have said ‘ ok your borderline diabetic - change your lifestyle and you will feel better !!! He has JUST finally had proper tests ( after I kicked off !) and lo and behold - it’s bloody cancer. Advanced. We will discuss treatments next week I believe - I won’t deal well with this so I’m concentrating on being proactive instead. I want to sue that doctor and the surgery and it’s not going to make anything better but it might make them be more bloody careful. So if anyone has advice on a good solicitors who do the old no win no fee I’d be greatful x thanks x

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MrsMaiselsMuff Sat 07-Sep-19 20:04:51

You cannot sue anyone, any action needs to come from your father. What does he want to do?

If he does wish to pursue this, the first thing he needs to do is register a complaint and get an explanation of what has happened to date and the reasoning behind those decisions. If he is not satisfied with the explanation, then once he has exhausted the complaints procedure he can instruct a solicitor.

I wouldn't be trusting such a complex case to a no win no fee solicitor. They tend to work on a high volume least complexity basis, not cases like this.

I'm so sorry about your father's diagnosis. Take some time to talk about what he wishes to do.

notapizzaeater Mon 09-Sep-19 20:03:49

Your dad needs to do this, has his house insurance got legal cover ? Some do cover clinical negligence.

Wobbles21 Sat 18-Jan-20 11:03:25

your dad probably has other priorities at the moment. You could sue later down the line. You could report to GMC for negligence.
I would concentrate on your dad. Suing someone is not being proactive it’s being angry-which is completely justifiable. If you are determined to sue later then make sure you collect all the relevant info now eg how would have outlook changed if cancer discovered earlier.
For what it’s worth it seems very unlikely that he has had symptomatic pancreatic cancer for 2 years.

morrisseysquif Sat 18-Jan-20 11:11:01

Contact AVMA for advice, if needed to be your dad.

You could start by getting access to your Dads medical records but you will need his consent.

itbemay Sat 18-Jan-20 11:11:21

i would initially put aside the notion of suing anyone and try and get some answers as to what has happened and an apology. Contact PALS for your local CCG or write to the Practice Manager and ask for an explanation. If your fathers symptoms did not warrant an investigation for cancer then that could be why there were no tests, you need to understand first what the consultations were between your father and the GP. Mistakes do happen or investigation are not ordered and there may be something to learn from this but to go straight into suing is a bit OTT at the moment until you can prove neglect / lack of duty of care.

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