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Emphysema Advice - not eating or sleeping

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unicornfeathers Mon 28-Jan-19 00:29:33

Does anyone with experience know if a lack of appetite and not sleeping is linked to emphysema?

I know it’s linked to end stage but not at that point.

Any advice on encouraging someone to eat / get them sleeping again?

Relative has a routine doctors appointment soon so will mention it then.

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unicornfeathers Mon 28-Jan-19 00:49:02

Have done a google search but it just takes me to information about end of life

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unicornfeathers Mon 28-Jan-19 01:18:00

Just realised i’ve Posted in chat - will ask to be moved to Health boards

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MorningsEleven Mon 28-Jan-19 01:52:39

My dad had COPD (emphysema). He couldn't eat when he had an infection or a flare up. On a good day food was little and often. He had one of those remote controlled beds and slept pretty much sitting up. It's an absolute arsehole of a disease.

Unicornfeathers Mon 28-Jan-19 05:04:22


So sorry your dad suffered with this disease - it’s a particularly awful disease.

My dad had a chest infection over Christmas which started the not eating / not sleeping but strangely he’s not too breathless to eat or sleep but more has lost his appetite / can’t get to sleep

Birdie6 Mon 28-Jan-19 05:12:41

My BIL has emphysema. He spends all night sitting up in a recliner chair,
watching TV / dozing because he can't lie down ( due to breathing problems). Same with eating - can't eat anything large , or a full meal, due to the breathing problems. He lives on cups of tea and sweets.

I don't think there is anything that you can do to change this - sorry I can't suggest anything. I think the eating / sleeping thing is pretty common in people with emphysema.

AnyaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 28-Jan-19 09:50:33

Hi there,

We're going to move this to Life Limiting Ilnesses at OP's request flowers

Unicornfeathers Mon 28-Jan-19 11:22:34

Thanks @Birdie6

My dad denies being too breathless but I’m not convinced 🤔

So sorry to hear about your BIL - thank you for answering

MorningsEleven Mon 28-Jan-19 11:39:01

Thank you unicorn. Does your Dad have a stash of prophylactic antibiotics? Mine always did so that he could battle an infection as soon as it started. The no appetite/not sleeping could be linked to anxiety, which is a common side effect of COPD. Breathlessness makes you panic, which makes you feel nauseous and more breathless and you get into a downward spiral. Is he able to access pulmonary rehab? My Dad went for so long that they gave him a job.

Unicornfeathers Mon 28-Jan-19 13:48:36


We are seeing a nurse for a review soon so going to ask about an emergency stash of antibiotics and steroids.

He’s on the waiting list for pulmonary rehab - he was diagnosed a year ago and he was ok initially.

I think you are right about anxiety - he’s never suffered before but that means nothing given that he has this disease 😔

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