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Birthday ideas

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LucyLoue1991 Mon 24-Dec-18 17:54:12


Just after some ideas really. My OH has been left housebound and has recently been diagnosed with POTS however is still awaiting treatment to help alleviate symptoms. His birthday is in January and obviously he won't be able to go out and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I could make it special? He doesn't want to do anything because we can't go out but I still want to be able to make it special somehow so any ideas would be gratefully accepted!

Thank you in advance x

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MincePieMum Mon 24-Dec-18 18:53:59

I'm familiar with POTS but don't have it myself. Here's what I would choose:

Salty snacks- pretzels, posh crisps, salty popcorn etc.

A mini fan that plugs in to your phone charger slot on your phone. So handy when you have a hot spell (which I do get!).

Does he have a decent water bottle? Comfy size for carrying around but with enough to keep him hydrated.

I have a lovely heated throw on my sofa that is so cozy and helps me keep warm when I'm struggling.

Electrolyte drinks/powders/effervescent anything to keep your DH comfy as it can feel terribly miserable when newly diagnosed, feeling like shit but haven't yet worked out how to help ease the symptoms.

Most of all, do something to let your DH know that you 'get' it. Empathy is key. I've never felt my DH has 'got' it, not for one moment. He gets better with experience but still lacks the understanding side of it. Shoe him your support with kindness and love.

Wishing you both a merry Christmas. thanks

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