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I dont know how much more i can cope with

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Pretenditsaplan Wed 03-Oct-18 02:29:23

My pain is out if control.

Ive had back issues since i was 6.
Migraines since i was 4.
Asthma since a baby.
I was diagnosed 4 years ago with chronic fatigue.
Year ago with fibromyalgia.
Im currently having 6-7 days of agonizing pain a week. It uses to be a couple of days pain a week off. But its ramped up in the last 2 months and if i can get through a day with only tramadol i count it as a good day. A bad day is oramorph and swearing.

I had a good afternoon and now i feel like someones continually hitting me with a sledgehammer. I havnt slept dor more then 45 minutes at a time in 2 months

The dr is near useless and refusing to refer me to a pain management clinic. The only other drs in range wont take me as im registered to the other drs.

Im going round in circles and each rotation is taking me closer to the source of my pain and i just cant keep doing this.

Im just looking for a handhold i guess and i know ill feel better after this cycle of pain ends for a few hours but right now i feel shitty.

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flapjackfairy Wed 03-Oct-18 02:33:37

Oh love that sounds awful. No wonder you are fed up .
No real advice other than dont be fobbed off by the gp. Complain if you have to and could you go private to get an assessment done at least ?
There is nothing worse than being in pain so i am v sorry to hear your story. Sending a huge hug and hope things get better for you going forward. Xxx

ipswichwitch Wed 03-Oct-18 02:42:09

Handholding op flowers
Why on earth won’t the gp refer you to pain management? They’re clearly not managing the pain for you! Is there anyone else in the practice you can see? If not I’d look to switching surgery.

It sucks, I live with chronic pain also, not as severe as yours, I am pretty functional but barely. I’ve had to change hospital as there are now currently no consultants in my local one anymore that deal with my condition (all 6 have left!) so now I’m starting again with another. I just want my meds changing so I can have quality of life, but the gp can’t do that, it has to be prescribed by a consultant.

I hope this cycle ends fast for you and you can get some rest. I also have fibromyalgia and frankly I’m sick to bloody death of that too. I’d like a pain free day. Just one would be nice!

ipswichwitch Wed 03-Oct-18 02:44:01

Sorry that sounded like a massive whinge! I should be asleep - I’m up for work in 3 hours - but stupid pain again. It’s bloody exhausting isn’t it.

Pretenditsaplan Wed 03-Oct-18 03:11:44

I have complained loudly and at length but nothing changes. I honestly dont think my current dr bothers to ever read my notes 5 times this year hes given me meds im highly allergic to. Luckily i google all my meds these days. Private assessment is out as im on benefits im a lp and in too much pain to work right now so no way to pay for it. The last time i dozed i dreamt id become entitled to private healthcare and then i almost cried when i woke up and realised it was a dream. For 30 seconds i dreamt of getting it all seen to and being able to manage. Stupid dreams.

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LadyRochfordsHoickedGusset Wed 03-Oct-18 03:14:22

We're here for you OP, if you need to talk. You're not alone thanks.

Pretenditsaplan Wed 03-Oct-18 03:20:44

At least ive made a dent in my netflix list...

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LadyRochfordsHoickedGusset Wed 03-Oct-18 07:06:59

How's it going OP? Did Netflix help?

What did you watch btw, always looking for more Netflix inspiration smile.

Veterinari Wed 03-Oct-18 07:14:10

Yvan you get a second opinion or change your GP? Your’s does sound rather crap flowers

flapjackfairy Wed 03-Oct-18 08:44:13

There must be a body to complain to about the GP. They sound bloody dangerous ! So sorry you are having such a bad time. How are things today . Did you get any sleep ?
I have a child with severe epilepsy and he has had a v bad night so I am now struggling along on 2 hrs sleep which is not uncommon but I am not in chronic pain as well so I am fortunate. It is knackering at times i know . Anyway hope today is a bit better x

LOVELYDOVEY05 Thu 04-Oct-18 11:24:05

Be very careful here. The NHS are stopping some painkillers. A friend went recently to get her usual ones to be told she now has to pay for them. Wonder how we find out which ones they are stopping?

vikingwoman Thu 04-Oct-18 16:12:20

How are feeling OP? Handhold flowers

April2018mom Thu 04-Oct-18 23:15:03

Please complain about your GP. If they’re attached to a surgery there should be a effective complaint procedure to follow.
But proceed with caution. How do you feel today? Are things any better or not? I have a daughter with sleep apnea we referred to our GP initially but he was beyond useless.
So we bypassed and we went straight to the hospital for advice and support. They did a barrage of tests on her. She now is fitted with a machine at night to help her breathe.

Pretenditsaplan Sat 06-Oct-18 19:41:18

Sorry ive been to migrainey to see my phone recently. Im having a good day today im done nothing for 3 days as its one of my best friends birthday parties tonight (three of us in pajamas watching youtube.) The highlight of my week was getting a call from the jobcentre thursday saying i didnt have to come in. I built a pillow fort and hibernated. My sons at my mums and i can have booze instead of painkillers (this morning was awful but i didnt want to risk mixing them). I have a meeting with the practice manager on tuesday so thats a step. So im doing good. I do want to thank you guys i was feeling so low when i posted and just knowing i wasnt alone helped so much. And to poster who asked im currently on season 5 of grimm.

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