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Petrified - bad mammogram after miscarriage

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geranium1977 Tue 12-Jun-18 13:57:51

About 3/4 weeks ago I had a miscarriage and while it was happening I was offered a free mammogram through work via BUPA. I'd initially declined it as I was pregnant. But as started to miscarry thought I may as well do it. My mum died from breast cancer age 67. In only 41 so wouldn't have a routine NHS scan for many years.

So the results came back just now as having a "mass" on my right breast 

I'm going to see a consultant tomorrow.


Has anyone else had miscarriage / mammogram that turned out all ok?

I'm so scared sad

HollowTalk Tue 12-Jun-18 13:59:51

That sounds incredibly frightening but how fortunate they spotted this so quickly. As you say, you wouldn't have been having a mammogram for a long time, otherwise.

I'm so sorry you lost your baby, and now this on top of it. I hope you get good results from your tests.


QOD Wed 13-Jun-18 21:44:13

Hope everything’s ok

Dodie66 Thu 14-Jun-18 15:37:54

Thinking of you today

geranium1977 Thu 21-Jun-18 15:51:54

Thank you xx after lots of tests and waiting I've got the all clear xx

Dodie66 Thu 21-Jun-18 16:53:22

I’m so pleased for you 🙂

QOD Sun 24-Jun-18 15:49:37


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