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Human hair wigs, where to buy?

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flowerpot1000000 Wed 25-Apr-18 21:02:46

So my sister will loose her hair shortly due to stem cell transfusion in a few weeks. She has myeloma and has coped ok so far but is now devasted at the thought of loosing her hair. She instantly said Im not having a wig. So when I was in the hairdressers this weekend a lady was havjng a human hair wig cut and look fabulous. Want to approach my sister with this idea. Anyone on here got one and how easy are they to purchase and wear?

SubtitlesOn Wed 25-Apr-18 21:14:10

Look up Trevor Sorbie

He does wigs and/or probably has links from his page

Good luck

flowerpot1000000 Wed 25-Apr-18 21:15:31

Ah yes I think Ive seen him on This Morning once showing his wigs

SubtitlesOn Wed 25-Apr-18 21:19:35

here is a link to his charity MY NEW HAIR


flowerpot1000000 Wed 25-Apr-18 21:19:56

Gosh he gets bery bad press on the Macmillon site!!!!

AppleScoop Wed 25-Apr-18 21:25:34

These guys are meant to be good:

Nat6999 Thu 26-Apr-18 04:22:28

My friend has a wig shop, she suffers from alopecia & is a wig or alternative hair wearer herself, she sells all types of hair & can cut & style them. She is near Sheffield but does Skype consultations if needed.

ElizaDontlittle Thu 26-Apr-18 05:13:16

You shouldn't need to buy one.
The trust she's under should give her a voucher and a list of places she can go to. So there are 6 or 7 in my trust's area (the reason I know, cancer hospital in the NW). Has she maybe declined this? - or they might not have offered. I'd try Maggie's or the local Headstrong via this link for advice. All the best to your sister.

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