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Brain tumour

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SushiForBreakfast Tue 16-Jan-18 22:21:25

Hi all

A close family member (aged 72) has just been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour which is high grade. The surgery to remove the tumour last week and was apparently successful. The consultant has stressed that surgery won't be "curative" and hence there is now talk of chemo (in pill form) and a three week course of radiotherapy for my relative.

Does anyone have any experience of brain tumours, either in themselves or a family member? What is the radiotherapy like, in particular?

I am concerned that there may be significant quality of life issues, during and following the treatment, and worry that they might not be that effective anyway given the prognosis for brain cancer... However I do appreciate that these courses of chemo etc are prescribed fairly routinely to battle this (and other forms of) cancer.

Thank you

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DumbleDee Tue 16-Jan-18 22:40:08

My Mum had a brain tumour. It was secondary cancer. She had radiotherapy daily for 10 days. She lost her hair and was very tired. No other side effects. It was palliative not curative.

SushiForBreakfast Wed 17-Jan-18 15:18:38

Thanks Dumble.

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Flynnshine Wed 31-Jan-18 13:34:19

Hi Sushi,

My daughter has a brain tumour but a different type to your family member.

There are some Facebook groups (if you are on Facebook) that may offer you some advice.

* Brain Tumour Support brainstrust
*The Brain Tumour Charity

They are really nice helpful groups with a lot of experience. I hope they help.


cowatthegate Thu 01-Feb-18 15:20:25

Hi , my dm has the same , a stage 4 gbm. She's in palliative stages now, but did have a successful resection (removal) at one stage. She's near the end now but she did have chemo and radio and didn't find it too bad.

Shadow1986 Thu 01-Feb-18 16:11:02

If you are on Facebook there is a good group called ‘brain tumour support members forum’ where you could post the same question and get lots of responses.

Sorry to hear about your close family member. My mum has a Brain tumour. It’s slow growing but she was diagnosed 11 years ago and the difference in her life makes me very sad.

She had radiotherapy in 2016 and unfortunately we have had some adverse effects caused by the radiotherapy damaging other areas which has caused her to be pretty immobile now.

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