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listening/baby monitors for elderly parents - help needed

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runner2 Thu 09-Nov-17 17:01:27

An unusual request I know, but the situation is that my elderly dad is terminally ill and still at home but about to be moved to a hospital bed downstairs. As mum will be sleeping upstairs I think a 2-way communication baby monitor would be really useful, just so they can hear each other and for reassurance at night... Technology has moved on quite a bit since I had these for my babies many years ago so I need some guidance. We don't need a camera/video or any fancy features but they do need to be able to communicate and mum is hard of hearing... If anyone can recommend a specific model/s I'd be v grateful.

PerfumeIsAMessage Mon 13-Nov-17 09:10:20

Didn't want your post to go unanswered- I can't recommend any in particular, but if you repost on the Caring For Elderly Parents bit, you might find someone can suggest one. flowers

TheHodgeHeg Tue 14-Nov-17 05:43:26

If what you're after is a way for your father to be able to communicate if he needs assistance then maybe a wireless doorbell could work? If your mum is quite mobile then if he needed anything in the night he could ring the bell and she could pop down.

That's what we used for MIL when she was alone and we were staying in the spare room. It only got pressed once and that was an accident!

Sorry no idea on baby monitors etc.

AlbusPercival Tue 14-Nov-17 05:51:44

We have a cheap avent baby monitor, though it's for a baby.

The @parent@ part has a button you press which allows you to talk to the "baby"part.

It was about £20

picklemepopcorn Wed 15-Nov-17 08:36:23

Lots of people have them hanging around when they no longer need them. I asked on FB, and was lent one immediately.

runner2 Sun 19-Nov-17 20:43:09

Thank you all. After quite a bit of research I bought a Motorola baby monitor with a "talk back" facility and it's working well so far.

picklemepopcorn Sun 19-Nov-17 21:12:11

That's good.

Enwi Sun 03-Dec-17 18:31:17

My motorola baby monitor has a 'talk back' button and it works really well. It's really loud and very clear too, which can sometimes be tricky to find with baby monitors x

Enwi Sun 03-Dec-17 18:31:45

Oh sorry OP, didn't realise you had already got one! Glad its working for you :-)

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