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'The Rally' (cancer)

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claireybeee Sat 08-Jul-17 13:55:56

Hi all. My dear FIL has become very unwell over recent weeks and has deteriorated rapidly. He is very elderly and my MIL has been told he most likely (95%) has cancer that has spread and has only weeks to live. Yesterday this appeared to be an optimistic prognosis as he was extremely unwell. Today however he is eating and drinking, talking, appears lucid and to have regained some strength. I have been reading about 'the rally' which appears to be a sign that death is imminent. My question is if anyone else has experienced similar 'rallying' or whether it's just a good day that we shouldnt read too much into. Thank you so much for reading.

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NurseMama Sun 09-Jul-17 15:55:07

Hi there. First of all, I'm really sorry to hear about your FIL. Sometimes people do have a little swan song before to slip away, but you never really know. Spend as much quality time with him as you can. <3

Sunnymorningwithbacon Sun 09-Jul-17 15:56:31

I would say it's probably just a good day.

Spend as much time with him as you can xx

claireybeee Sun 09-Jul-17 21:15:24

Thanks so much for your replies. Today was a difficult day again so I think you're right. We'll appreciate the good days when they happen and continue to prepare ourselves. Thanks again.

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DrMadelineMaxwell Fri 14-Jul-17 20:38:44

My DDad definitely rallied. He was given days to live (complete bowel blockage due to growth of bladder cancer) and was very unwell. Out of it with infection making him confused. Unable to eat and drink. Spending most of the time asleep. If people visited he would respond with a smile or a noise, but couldn't speak.

On the Friday evening his friend visited. He opened his eyes, smiled, shook his friend's hand. And managed some words to respond. And stayed like that through to the Sat morning when he knew his brother was coming back from his holiday. After they visited he went back downhill again and then was worse Sat night and died at midnight.

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