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Is there a cardiologist in the house?

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Yumpopbythesea Mon 29-May-17 09:04:40

Dad has a pacemaker with two leads.
Since the pacemaker was fitted 8 weeks ago he has felt weaker. He experienced 3 thumps and felt kicked in the chest. Not the usual feeling if the pacemaker going off.
He was extremely tired and frightened feeling dizzy afterwards.
Now in hospital vitals are normal.
First blood test showed small level of enzymes suggesting heart attack but second blood test was clear.
I'm wondering is he experiencing anxiety, a fault in the pacemaker or now that his heart is working another issue is becoming apparent.
I'm thinking now his heart is not bracycardic perhaps the oxygen take up is higher and his lungs can't keep up?
Thank you for any advice?
Dad's been in hospital since Friday and no answers as bank holiday xx

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