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How to raise money for my dad who has cancer

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SugarBlossom92 Mon 15-May-17 00:03:04

Originally posted in chat but then realised this was probably a more appropriate place. My dad is 75 and has been diagnosed with bladder cancer and is awaiting results for prostate cancer also which the doctors think it's very like he will have it.

He was never a typical elderly person he was very fit and healthy and active, very into boxing (yes even at 75) but since he became ill 5 months ago his health has deteriorated and he's been too unwell to leave the house apart from to go to hospital. My mum tries her best to look after him but she works very hard in a full time cleaning job and I think my dad is depressed miserable and awaiting his death to put it bluntly.

He's lived a pretty miserable life he was badly abused as a child by his mum he's suffered mental health problems all is life and I can't help thinking it's not fair that this is it for him after the crappy hand he's been dealt in life. Him and my mum live in a house in disrepair and have nearly all the same items they have had since I was a child (I'm now 25) because they can't afford much. And I can't bare the thought of him just sitting there in his little run down house with nothing to look foward to it breaks my heart.

Anyway iv been racking my brains for weeks thinking how to help him and do something special for him, I can't help him in the way of care because he feels too embarrased for me to see him like that but then it hit me today how amazing it would be to take them on a holiday (in the uk) we've never been on holiday as a family before, because they were always pretty poor growing up. It would be a lovely last memory together before he dies. Anyway I am thinking of starting a few things to raise some money in the hope of taking him and my mum on a holiday ( I simply cannot afford it to take them myself) so does anyone have any ideas on how I can get started? Or has anyone done this themselves and successfuly raised some money for a relative with cancer or any other illness. All suggestions welcome and greatly appreciated smile

1nsanityscatching Mon 15-May-17 20:16:52

Have you checked that he's getting all the benefits he is entitled to? He should receive Attendance Allowance which would mean he had an entitlement to extra Pension Credits and your mum could claim Carer's Allowance if she earns less than £110pw. You could contact CAB and ask Welfare Rights to help you claim on his behalf. Having a little extra money coming in each week would give them both options hopefully.

Twodogsandahooch Sun 04-Jun-17 21:43:39


thesandwich Sun 04-Jun-17 21:48:06

Worth contacting Macmillan or your local hospice?

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