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Ovarian cancer.

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kiwi10 Sun 19-Mar-17 13:40:04

What are you symptoms? I'm a little concerned as I wasn't 100% diagnosed but I went for an ultrasound and they 'think' it could be polycystic ovaries but my symptoms and certain things don't add up to be that and I feel and some symptoms lead to ovarian cancer and I just needed a few people's experience as I don't want to demand for a smear test as I'm 21 and classed as too young! So please can you help? Thanks in advance.

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minmooch Sun 19-Mar-17 13:42:33

If you have certain symptoms then please do request a smear. Your nurse at your gp should be able to do this. It does not matter that you are only 21. Please request it. It only takes a few moments and is just a little uncomfortable.

winnybella Sun 19-Mar-17 13:47:29

Smear test is used to screen for cervical cancer. If you have symptoms indicative of that then ask for a colposcopy.
Not sure about ovarian cancer- blood test, biopsy? But not smear test.

donajimena Sun 19-Mar-17 13:47:53

Don't forget that a smear is for cervical cancer. I'm in Wales so we have an early screening age range.
Are you due for a follow up visit?

PurpleDaisies Sun 19-Mar-17 13:47:53

A smear test might not be the right test for your symptoms. It's probably best to have a discussion with your gp about what the test results mean and where you go next. It might be that you do need a smear but there may be other things that are more appropriate.

This site has some good information about ovarian cancer.

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