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Breasts are now very different sizes after second reconstruction. What can be done?

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Kaybush Sat 25-Feb-17 11:26:31

Has anyone here had a mastectomy and reconstruction using a permanent (non-adjustable) implant, has not been happy with the size and has then been able to change the implant for a smaller one? If so, how long did you have to wait between the two operations?

I'm posting this on behalf of my lovely sister, who has now had breast cancer twice.

Two years ago, she had to have the affected breast removed and it was reconstructed beautifully, using an expandable (adjustable) implant. She has now just had her other breast removed and reconstructed for preventative reasons.

For some reason the doctor decided to use a non-adjustable implant and her breast is now much larger than the other one. She appreciates that some of this is swelling, but said that the first breast wasn't nearly so big straight after surgery.

She is really concerned as her breasts are now very different sizes. Before surgery she asked why a non-adjustable implant was being used and the doctor just said to 'trust' him.

I would really appreciate any advice. She's had this done privately through her work's healthcare plan by the way (if that makes any difference).

KurriKurri Sun 26-Feb-17 10:59:09

I think you would get more answers if you reposted in health smile
But to answer your question, I think she should ask for a referral from her GP (or her oncologist) to an NHS plastic surgeon.

I think there will be something that can be done t help her, but frankly her first surgeon doesn't sound as if he was very good or very helpful - she should have been fully involved in the decision about what type of reconstruction was most suitable for her (did she have radiotherapy ? - I was told that because I had had radiotherapy implants were not the best thing for me - I had a diep flap recon.) But it sounds as if the way to go for your sis might be replacing the non adjustable implant with an adjustable one.

I have found the NHS plastic surgeons extremely good - and they have encouraged me to discuss everything about my recon. and always said that if I am unhappy about any part of it, they can sort it out.

I don't know how long she would have to wait if she had it done on the NHS - it depends on their work load, But I had to wait 4 months for mine (but that was a big operation and I had to be in intensive care/heated room for a week - so a bed had to be available for that amount of time - might well be less time for you sister's op.)

Kaybush Sun 26-Feb-17 16:43:38

Thanks KurriiKurri - I'll pass on your advice and also repost on Health!

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