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Friend with Stage 4 Brain tumour - weeks left

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howbesttohelp Wed 09-Nov-16 19:43:51

I.m a long term lurker/poster since 2002 but have nc for this thread.

Ive been friends with a group of mums since my boy started nursery - nearly 15 years ago. We've all supported each other through parenting and life trials, in fact they have all been my best friends in recent years as I have had a few ups and downs, and now the inevitable has happened - loss of a partner .One of the dads has had the devastating diagnosis of a Stage 4 brain tumour today, he is , being discharged from hospital first to home and then to hospice . Wheels for this are in motion.
What can we as a group of family friends do to help support our lovely friend as she watches her husband die and tries to help her 14 year old boy cope with his dad dying? He is an only child. There is death in service benefit to pay the mortgage off, etc, but loss of his sole income will be a hammer blow. He is in his early 50s.

We have all lost parents, but this is new territory for us.
My thoughts are:

I can give her Links to benefits claims under special rules
Macmilllan/Marie Curie being sorted.
Will/Power of Attorney being sorted by solicitor

What and how to tell the boys. ?
How to help them remember him?
Any charities/support groups for this stage I know Winstons Wish etc for when the inevitable happens?

Sorry, incoherent, but hoping someone can reach out and offer some guidance having walked this very sad path.

user1471468104 Wed 09-Nov-16 19:51:49

Sorry for you loss,perhaps some letters for his on to open on important events in his life such as 18th birthday,wedding day,going off to university? Or maybe a memory box for his son to keep?
Just a thought x

youarenotkiddingme Wed 09-Nov-16 19:54:19

How about practicle help? Making meals for their freezer etc so when they've visited in hospice she doesn't have to cook?

Offer to wash/iron once a week?

I've found people get quite good at the unusual things they have to organise as adrenaline sets in but it's the very day things that go by the wayside.

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