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FiveGoMadInDorset Mon 31-Oct-16 18:02:54

hello, following on from other thread DH has been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel and liver secondaries. I have been on the Macmillan website and my head is swimming. I hate to claim as we don't but can we claim anything such as old DLA, and who is it best to see, CAB or the specialist social worker in the unit? DH runs a B&b from our house but we are having to close it as I can't work do that and look after the children and we are facing a long battle ahead.

Still feeling overwhelmed and DH is not talking about it much and I don't want to burden him with decisions when he is already going through so much

Stopyourhavering Tue 01-Nov-16 12:26:58

The specialist social worker should be able to help you with this...they may even be able to visit you at home to go over forms , in our unit we refer to social work dept or sometime the oncology specialist nurse will advise

insan1tyscartching Tue 01-Nov-16 13:01:05

Your husband should claim Employment Support Allowance, (if he is receiving chemotherapy then it is pretty straightforward and wouldn't need a medical assessment) He should also claim Personal Independence Payment (DLA replacement) again stage 4 diagnosis should make it more straightforward and fewer hoops to jump. On award of PIP you would be entitled to claim Carers Allowance (send for all forms together as Carers will be backdated to start of PIP claim) if you aren't earning more than just over £100pw. Speak to tax credits as well. So sorry you are having to face this flowers

FiveGoMadInDorset Tue 01-Nov-16 15:57:16

Thank you both, its comforting knowing that someone on MN will know the answers and help make sense of it all

ImperialBlether Tue 01-Nov-16 16:02:46

Different situation as my dad had retired when they found out he had a terminal illness, but the MacMillan nurses were great at telling him and my mum what they were entitled to claim for.

I'm so sorry your husband is so ill.


stressedoutnfedup Thu 03-Nov-16 12:17:07

if you phone macmillan help line they will tell you what your supposed to be claiming they will give you phone numbers to get forms, and sometimes they will make an appointment with the macmillan benefits adviser in your area and they will fill the forms in for you

superking Thu 03-Nov-16 18:55:43

If you have life insurance then check your policy to see if you have critical illness cover.
Also just a warning - some of the medical paperwork you may need can make for very stark reading. Even when you know that the prognosis is poor, it can be a shock to see it in black and white. So try to be prepared for that if you can (easy to say, I know).

Sorry that you and your family are going through this. It's very hard.

lookingforbaubles Thu 03-Nov-16 20:40:56

most pensions will pay out also at this time


SingaSong12 Thu 03-Nov-16 20:49:17

The specialist social worker should be able to help. I have volunteered with CAB and we don't get people coming in for this help as the Cancer services seem to cover it all. .Depending on your other circumstances you might also now be entitled to tax credits and they should be able to do a full benefit check for you. flowers

bimbobaggins Sat 05-Nov-16 21:58:11

You may be eligible for pip. There should be a benefits advisor available through Macmillan

FleurThomas Wed 09-Nov-16 22:12:31

Some life insurances (even those attached to Pensions) will pay out for terminal diagnoses.

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