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Thyroid failing...possible crohns.

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BITCAT Wed 28-Sep-16 09:41:54

Hi. I had a blood test as I was suffering extreme acid reflux and it showed that my thyroid gland is only just does run in the family and I'm to be retested in Jan to see if it has failed completely. But I've recently found out my grandad has crohns disease and due to the fact I'm getting horrid tummy aches generally feeling unwell and very tired. How do I go about asking my doctor if I can be tested for crohns. My grandad eventually died of bowel cancer probably linked to his I'm a little panicked. Am I being silly and stressing over nothing. Would my doctor even listen?

Namechangingbastard Wed 28-Sep-16 09:44:46

If your thyroid is underachievement it may explain the general unwell feeling it can have a huge effect on many areas! I would try get that sorted first you may find everything else improves. If it puts your mind at rest ask gp about crohns disease they won't think you are silly!

thereinmadnesslies Wed 28-Sep-16 09:51:58

Don't believe the Drs when they say your thyroid is ok. You need the actual numbers from your blood test, and the range. The dr will tell you that TSH levels of up to 5 are normal and therefore ok. But actually your TSH should be between 0.10-1. A lot of people feel like death at a TSH of 5. Call your dr and ask for the actual results, and be prepared to go back and argue for medication if it's is higher than 1.

BITCAT Wed 28-Sep-16 10:05:38

He actually said it's just barely functioning atm. As it runs in the family we think by Jan it will have failed completely. They won't give me anything until then. I feel worn out 24/7..I've picked up a cold and it's knocked me for six. All my body aches..and I'm backwards and forwards to the loo.
I'm concerned for my children also as my ds2 has always had bowel issues and the other 3 suffer with bouts of tummy bugs and mouth ulcers and now I'm wondering if it's heriditary and I should ask to have them checked too. My sister also has crohns and my other sister has thyroid disease.
My doctors rarely listen so how would I insist on tests.

lovingmyginandiphone Sun 16-Oct-16 14:22:52

If your thyroid is barely functioning they must put you in the replacement therapy! It can lead to heart disease or coma! Have a look at thyroid uk support for info and discussions and useful tips

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