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Is my friend dying?

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Heatherbell1978 Tue 09-Feb-16 17:48:47

Close friend (female, 40) was diagnosed with breadth cancer in 2013. Chemo went well and she was given all clear a year later. Few months after that she noticed another lump and the cancer was back and spread to lungs. So Stage 2, level 4 (is that right terminology?). Back on chemo again but more frequently than before. Then she started getting headaches and a scan revealed brain mets. She had an aggressive course of radiotherapy later last year and result of that still unknown.
In the early days of everything she was still out and about and doing stuff. I see her a lot and now she doesn't have he energy to leave the house, no appetite, losing weight (but puffy) and sleeps all the time. She's been talking about hospices with her GP. Is this all due to the huge amount of medication she's on or should I prepare myself for the worst happening soon?

JenniferYellowHat1980 Tue 09-Feb-16 19:50:40

If you look at cancer performance status descriptors, she does sound pretty unwell though I'm no expert. The puffiness could be down to oedema, which is fluid collecting and a sign of things slowing down. I really am no expert though.

grumpysquash3 Mon 07-Mar-16 22:41:54

If she's talking about hospices, things must be quite bad (sorry to say that)
How does she seem in herself when you see her?

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