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Diagnosed Advanced prostate bone scan what to expect

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40nanny Thu 28-Jan-16 13:04:50

Please can anyone help,we have just been told dad has advanced prostate after been so Ill for 6 weeks,& telling us it was Diverticular disease& nothing sinister& now got urgent referrel to urologist,he was to get a biopsy but they could tell without even doing it,just examined him,and looking at him,that it was advanced & got 2 hormone injections in stomach.but the pain in his stomach is bad& he has now to go for ultrasound today,it's just all so worrying,he just sleeps the whole time& lost so much weight. everyone keeps telling me to stay positive,but it's so hard,with everything.Im sorry for anyone that's going through This terrible illness but can anyone maybe went through similar,what we should expect.thank you

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Bassetfeet Fri 29-Jan-16 13:23:17

Hi 40nanny
So sorry to read about you dad. You are very understandably upset and wonder what the future holds . A hug andflowers from me.
The Bone Scan is to see if the cancer has spread to the bones . A painless procedure so your dad should be ok wth it .
Then with results from scans your dads doctors and their colleagues will meet and decide best treatment . You think nothing is happening ...but there is behind the scenes . And lots of tools in the toolbox to manage whatever stage your dads cancer is at .
My DH is aggressive cancer and given two years max ......four years ago .

Google Prostate Cancer UK . The advice is good and they have nurses to speak too .
Take care x

40nanny Fri 29-Jan-16 22:02:28

Thank you Bassetfeet sorry you are going throught this with yourDH, sorry but do they actually give you a time on it then,depending how bad/good it is? & do you get the results that day?he has got a catheter in now as had a few accidents & didn't even know till it happened,it's just all so awful,what's going to be going on,& thanks for answering me,I really appreciate it xx

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