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Advice/ hand holding needing (MS, COPD and Heart failure)

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Heirhelp Sun 24-Jan-16 03:32:25

My Mum in her late 60 has heart failure, COPD and MS. She has been ill for a week with suspected flu. She was admitted to hospital over night during the week. I think her MS is really kicking in. Although she has primary progress MS it is like she has had a relapse. She lives with my Dad who has similar symptoms but while he is starting to improve her symptoms are not and she seems to be getting weaker. Unable to get into bed by herself. I am concerned about how to help them, how we will manage with as a family and her long term prognosis.

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Heirhelp Sun 24-Jan-16 11:42:40

Anybody been in a similar situation? Or any advice?

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sootica Sun 24-Jan-16 11:54:39

Hi heirhelp sorry to hear you are so worried about your mum.
My mum had primary progressive MS and one winter after she recovered from pneumonia she was severely put back in her MS.... Ended up bed bound after that (she as already wheelchair bound). What help does she currently have? She needs an urgent social services reassessment (or assessment if she doesn't currently have outside help) for her care if she's not likely to be able to transfer independently after her illness. Maybe a hoist and carers to help at bedtime.

Heirhelp Sun 24-Jan-16 12:29:18

Thanks sootica. At the moment she can walk a few meters with zipper frame and it able to sit down on bed but is able to get to standing unaided and when sitting on bed is unable to get her legs up onto the bed.

She is very much in denial. On the first day out of hospital my sister stripped and remade the bed and took the sheet home to wash and my Mum thought she would be capable of doing the washing herswlf. Mum and Dad have refused assessment in the past

I don't know if it the virus still in her system, that fact that she is not really eating|refusing food or the MS but seems to be getting weaker every day.

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sootica Sun 24-Jan-16 13:40:17

Oh gosh how hard for you. It's going to be very difficult if she won't accept help, but it sounds like she (and you) could really do with it. You may have to let this illness run its course though and reassess. I would hope that there might be some link up between obvious care needs on discharge from hospital and getting a rapid care assessment but I have no real experience of how that works. Have you been in touch with the GP since discharge from hospital? flowers

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