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Charities that help fund holidays for those with cancer/illness?

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holipays Wed 28-Oct-15 10:31:36

Is there such a thing?

I'd really like to take my friend on holiday and while I'm happy to fund some of it I can't afford to do it all.

He has a very limited income as he cant work due to cancer and associated illnesses. He's on benefits, and can barely afford to renew his passport let alone get flights and I imagine medical travel insurance will be extortionate.

We're currently not sure how long he might have left but things are only getting worse and more painful by the day.

I have a holiday in mind which I know they would love to do and it would make them very happy! He hasn't had one in years and a lot of days are quite miserable for him.

Any advice appreciated, not just on meeting the costs. Thank you. smile

BackforGood Thu 29-Oct-15 00:14:49

Do you mean a grant of money to a holiday you have chosen ?
If so, then no, but if you mean 'providing a caravan for us to go and stay in for a few days at little, or no cost', then there are lots of these. Often very small, local charities, but I'm sure we can find you some.

Which were you thinking?

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