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best supplements or things to eat/drink before and during chemo

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houseHuntinginmanchester Thu 22-Oct-15 22:21:12

Hello again all.

Hope everyone's loved ones are recovering miraculously with whatever they've been hit with and you're all hanging on in there x

So mums starting chemo in about two weeks. Stage 4 lung cancer.

I want to do anything that will help boost her immune system and make her tolerate the side effects of the chemo better.

Can anyone reccomend a good supplement/multi vitamin for her to take ?

Also, I read somewhere about making fresh smoothies and shakes. Does anyone do this for themselves/loved ones and does it help?

Is there anything else I can do to help boost her and help her prep her body for the chemo?

All alternative therapy ideas/treatments welcome - will try anything for my lovely mum sad

Thanks thanksbrew

Findingthissohard Fri 23-Oct-15 21:22:26

Sorry to hear about your mum.

My DH has been going through chemo and is about to start some new cycles. He is not allowed to take vitamins and supplements due to the reaction with the drugs so please check with her team before starting any other medication. They drummed this in to us very firmly about anything from herbal remedies to vitamins.
We have made DH smoothies which DH has enjoyed but due to where his tumour was he found them too filling.
His centre had a cancer centre which had different alternative therapies. He had reflexology which he felt went well.
He found boosting his weight and his fitness pre chemo helped but obviously it depends on what your mum is able to do.
I hope it goes well. Our experience was that it wasn't as bad as we feared. The worst side effect was a very painful arm but this could have been rectified by having a picc or a portacath so something to ask about depending on what cycles and what drugs she is having.
All the best flowers

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