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'Hug in a box' for friend going through chemo

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Empross76 Sat 26-Sep-15 16:18:37

My friend has just been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and has just started chemo. My friends and I all want to help her through as best we can, and heard about a company that sends a 'hug in a box' - a monthly box of goodies to cheer her up. We decided to do our own.
So, I'm after ideas of what sort of things to include - we'll put in some of her personal favourites, but I was hoping for some ideas of things which may specifically be useful to her going through chemotherapy. All ideas gratefully received. Thanks!

MythologicalPersonage Sat 26-Sep-15 16:30:19

The itchy skin oil by defiant beauty went down well with my mil.

worriedmother7787 Sat 26-Sep-15 19:24:47

Wigs, bandanas or hats as hair loss is a major thing

Alchemist Sat 26-Sep-15 19:35:26

A very soft toothbrush - I bought my sister children's brushes. She had a very sore mouth.

Empross76 Sat 26-Sep-15 20:19:59

Thanks for those ideas!

SleepyForest Sat 26-Sep-15 20:32:19

Tiny ginger biscuits in little packets to help with the nausea. I think they are branded as morning sickness biscuits. Lip balm is always handy and soft tissues as you can end up with a permanent drippy nose (not glamerous) . That dry eye spray can be quite soothing when you get sore eyes and cuticle oil is good as your nails get very weak and flakey.

Nonnainglese Sat 26-Sep-15 20:36:11

Lovely soft pashmina, very comforting.

TPel Sat 26-Sep-15 20:42:35

Cosy socks
Hand cream
Magazine subscription

SleepyForest Sat 26-Sep-15 20:49:42

Fan for hot flushes?

Nonnainglese Sat 26-Sep-15 20:54:52

Voucher for a hand massage or manicure/pedicure

Arsicles Sat 26-Sep-15 21:33:29

Something to help with relaxing and getting to sleep, eg lavender wheat pillow, hot chocolate etc. The steroid they give you alongside the chemo winds you up and makes it really hard to sleep.

Indulgent facial stuff, moisturiser, cleanser or whatever. I found it weird that having no hair exposed so much more of my face, and I did feel better when I treated myself to new, more expensive products and my skin was really glowing.

Boiled sweets. The oral thrush was one of the worst side effects of chemo for me and they helped take the disgusting taste away. I practically lived on them for a while!

Good books. You do sit around in the chemo room for hours each time.

FiveGoMadInDorset Sat 26-Sep-15 21:45:42

Book cd's or an audible subscription, comfy blanket

Lilymaid Sat 26-Sep-15 21:50:56

I am on chemo at the moment (2nd time round) so am getting an expert. I would suggest:
Nice water jug and glass
Nice water bottle for taking out eg Bobble bottle (you need to drink loads and it really does help)
Hand cream
Ginger biscuits
Anything good for finger nails as they can darken/split/fall off. I used nail polish all the time - dark colours best.
Suggest she finds out about a "look good, feel better" course (Google for nearest) where she will have a nice make up session and come home with a large bag of beauty products from major manufacturers.
As well as bandanas, Buffs and the Seasalt equivalent are good informal head coverings if she loses her hair.

Empross76 Sun 27-Sep-15 09:17:58

Thank you so much everyone. Loads of good ideas that will keep these boxes going for a good few months.
I know that, sadly, a lot of you are speaking from experience - I hope that you are well and cancer-free very soon. X

Onmyown1 Sun 18-Oct-15 01:49:12

A good non alcohol mouthwash for mouth sores. If no hair a sleeping hat or silk pillowcase (normal pillowcases hurt your scalp). Relaxing music if she feels ill and can't read.
I think it's a lovely idea xx

Nousername2015 Sun 18-Oct-15 07:04:26

Definitely hand cream, my dad goes through tubes of the stuff.

Possibly a cushion for comfort? If she's having long chemo cycles she will want to be comfy.

Maybe also an eye mask/ear plugs in case she wants to nap in the cycles.

Barbie1 Sun 18-Oct-15 07:13:59

I did this for my dm smile

We wrapped individual gifts and did it as a lucky dip for each of her 15 chemo sessions. It meant she had something to look forward to each week.

A belt... Weight loss or weight gain is in unwelcome side effect.

A scarf, chemo patients often feel the cold

Hand cream, a novel, lipgloss for drying lips, a silly photo of the grandchildren, her favorite bag of old fashioned sweets. Bio oil and some skin care. A voucher for some treats from boots. A painting from my 5 year old daughter.

We all joined in to make this box and my mum appreciated the effort more than anything inside

flowers for your friend.

Ps, my 5 year old and three year old named the box

Grandmas smile box and drew the most beautiful picture to glue to the front

Aussiemum78 Sun 18-Oct-15 07:37:18

Dp liked potato chips. It's like dry crackers for nausea - plain and salty.

Bottles of Gatorade or lucazade. Or ginger ale/lemonade.

Creams are a good idea but avoid heavy perfume as it can trigger nausea.

DVDs of her favourite, will watch 20 times type movies. Good distraction without having to concentrate much.

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