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Answer to 'do I tell a 6 year old'

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Frustrated123 Fri 07-Aug-15 21:56:54

Hi, so sorry you are going through this with either your mum or mum in law. My mum passed away 4 weeks ago after being diagnosed with cancer in March. From when she was diagnosed, she gradually lost her ability to walk. I have 2 boys age 5 and 8 who we told all along that nanny had a bad leg and that's why mummy needed to spend a lot of time helping her and grandad. The end came very unexpectedly and the boys took it all in their stride. Like you, we didn't know whether we had months or years but children are so resilient and although sad, their first concern is about their next snack or whether we are going to the park! I'm glad they aren't as devastated as I am but it's hard dealing with their demands when the bottom has fallen out of my world. Thinking of you, small children and grief is a tough one. Xx apologies, for some reason I haven't answered the thread and have started a new topic....I suspect wine induced!

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