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ibd and calprotectin levels

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mrsbrace Sat 18-Jul-15 20:34:47

hi im really anxious currently had diarrhea for past 4 months occasional aches lower right tummy and also lower right ribs, all bloods normal but calprotectin off the scale.
have a good day energy wise then following few days tired out sad
freaking out that something serious could be wrong
been to see a consultant and will be having a colonoscopy but wont be until end of august feeling like i cant function currently both with the physical symptoms and also anxiety sad anyone have ibd and have similar symptoms prior to diagnosis?

Bibitybobity Tue 28-Jul-15 12:29:51

Hi I had all the tests under the sun (colonoscopy, MRI of colon, camera pills) inflammation detected in biopsy, raised fecal calprotectin & other autoimmune signs in blood but the gastro-doc diagnosed IBS because it looked normal to the eye & gave me bloody peppermint pills. I had diarrhoea, mucous, pain all over my insides & blood. Wasn't particularly pleasant. The colonoscopy is quite fascinating. You get sedative and painkiller and if you're lucid you'll get to see your innards. You won't feel it or care.

I ended up having symptoms of autoimmune arthritis and being treated for that instead. It was the same treatment as for IBD and the symptoms went away!

Sorry I can't be more help but I really hope you get the result you want and the necessary treatment to put you at ease.

MrsPinotGrigio Wed 29-Jul-15 21:34:43

I have Crohns & during my last flare my Calprotectin level was 1800 but my blood levels (crp) were normal. The colonoscopy will show any inflammation, as the pp said it's fascinating but a bit painful. I've recently had surgery & could see where they'd joined my bowel back together on the screen. Worst bit is the bowel prep the day before. Good luck, hope you get some answers.

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