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Found out I have inflamatory arthritis

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SamanthaAnn13 Sat 11-Jul-15 20:50:31

Hello I'm 23 and have a 8 month old baby I have just recently found out I have inflamatory arthritis im in so much pain everyday this has been happening since I was 9 weeks pregnant! Has anyone else had this? Is it treatable if so what sort of treatment? And how did I get it?? Please help as consultant didn't answer all of my questions sad thank you xx

TravellingHopefully12 Sun 12-Jul-15 17:59:40

Hello! God, sorry, that's horrible. Same thing happened to me three years ago and I was devastated (I have autoimmune arthritis and about three other autoimmune things I'd never heard of til they started attacking me!)

At first I was terrified because they give you so little information in the first six weeks, until you see the consultant.

If it's autoimmune they'll give you immunosupressants, which sound terrifying but actually are great (methotrexate saved my mobility.) I don't think meth will work with BF though...but talk to your consultant when you see him/her - write down a whole long list of questions you want answered.

Steroids are also good, though I was dead against them at first - they help you feel human again and able to move/do normal stuff, which is so important.

It's horrible when it happens when you're young because it's like - 'what, arthritis? Why???' - there is a feeling of injustice

It will improve with treatment though, and slowly you will return to having energy and being able to do things you could before you got ill.

feel free to message me.xx

TravellingHopefully12 Sun 12-Jul-15 18:02:34

I'm sorry if my last post seemed negative (just read it back.) The last thing I want is to scare you. With the right treatment things will improve massively. x

SamanthaAnn13 Fri 17-Jul-15 00:27:15

Hello sorry I didn't get back to you I've been away from the Internet for a few days, ohhh God that sounds horrible �� doctor just said theres an inflamation somewhere that's causing it, does that mean after the inflamatorys gone it will go? Or will I always have it just ease it with treatment? Having a really bad night tonight my hands all swallon & have very painful pins&needles ���� was tested for capol tunnel & it's defo not that I'm just so upset & don't no why it's happing to me xxx

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