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How to help friend having mastectomy

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lovenancy Fri 26-Jun-15 07:59:17

My lovely friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and is having a mastectomy next week. What can I do to help? I wanted to put together a hamper of treats, anyone been through it who could share what would have helped them? Thanks so much x

WiIdfire Fri 26-Jun-15 08:05:32

On a practical front, there are two things that the hospital doesnt always provide.
1) a small canvass bag that is carried on the shoulder that she can put her drains in for a few days after the operation to take around with her. It hides them and is more comvenient than carrying them separately. The bag will need be at about waist height and the drains likely two the size of old fashioned milk bottles, for sizing the bag.
2) a small cushion, rectangular or heart shaped, maybe 30x15cm or smaller to put under the armpit for comfort.
Many ladies have said these items help them, its very sweet of you to do this for her.

lovenancy Fri 26-Jun-15 09:43:13

Thank you so much for your reply Wildfire, that's exactly the sort of thing I wanted to know. Wondering about books, smellies etc but that's really practical help xx

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