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how long will he suffer for? Liver failure.

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miserableatwork Sat 07-Feb-15 19:11:51

My father has been in a nursing home for about 2 months now. He was originally sent into hospital due to poor health from drinking too much. His liver isn't working and he has to have liquid drained off his stomach about every 3 weeks.
This week he has deteriorated a lot and hasn't eaten this week apart from a tiny amount here or there.
He is unable to answer now and doesn't really show any response when you talk to him. He is in a lot of pain and can't move himself around (he is bed bound).
My question is, how long will he be like this for? Its horrible to see him suffering. The nursing home wont give us any kind of time frame but they have said they won't move him to hospital this wednesday to drain his fluid on his stomach if he is in the same state as he is at the moment.

miserableatwork Sat 07-Feb-15 19:13:10

I should mention that the hospital said he had weeks or months left of his life about 2 months ago

LastNightADJSavedMyLife Sun 08-Feb-15 01:35:21

No one should be in pain - is there nothing he can have? Can you get a doctor out to sort out the pain, and he may be able to give you a diagnosis?

miserableatwork Sun 08-Feb-15 11:07:14

He has been given a morphine like drug and also and anxiety drug but only when we have gone into the home and pointed out he seems to be in discomfort. I hope when we aren't there they check on him and administer drugs where they can.

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