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Appointments and waiting...

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Ludoole Sun 04-Jan-15 02:39:43

I appreciate that sometimes there are delays but seriously waiting for a minimum of an hour before every appointment is really getting dp down. Last appointment we waited 2 hours for scan results to find the radiologist hadnt looked at them so it was a wasted trip...

Its really starting to get dp down.

GraysAnalogy Sun 04-Jan-15 02:54:53

It's horrible isn't it and im sorry for your DP. I see it from both sides unfortunately

Eyespy24 Sun 04-Jan-15 09:52:55

Sorry to hear this ludoole. It's bad enough without adding to the stress. How is your DP doing?
My DM is in between treatments at the moment so less hospital visits for a while.
Hope service improves for your DP.

Ludoole Mon 05-Jan-15 00:18:58

Eyespy Hope your DM is doing ok smile
According to consultant the scan looks the same but she needs confirmation from the radiologist who as i say didnt turn up for meeting... I know hospitals are especially busy over xmas but this scan was done on the 22nd december and we've been anxious as they told us the result would depend on whether chemo is still an option....

As i say i appreciate they are busy but this is his life.... our lives.... and spending unnecessary time is hospital is draining him.

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