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Leukemia in young adult. I'd like to know more

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LL0015 Thu 17-Jul-14 20:32:55

Could anyone take the time to explain Leukemia to me in a young female? mid twenties.

How aggressive is it, how likely is a young person to survive it and so on.

Someone I know has been diagnosed and I'm desperately sad about it.

BasketzatDawn Fri 18-Jul-14 18:08:54

Sorry this is happening to somebody you know. It's hard for anyone on the web to be definite about what might happen. There are several types of leukaemia, some more likely than others to affect young adults. You could try reading some 'good' site like Patient UK, then maybe the cancer support charity sites like Macmillan. If you know what the type is you can find more specific info. But the bottom line is that some do very well with treatment, and others less well despite treatment. sad

biscuitsandbandages Fri 25-Jul-14 17:39:23

Hi and sorry to hear you have been affected be this in someone close to you.

It depends very much on the type of leukaemia
Acute vs chronic
Lymphoblastic vs myeloid
And also lots of different factors in the genetics of the leukaemia cells.

Speaking as a youngish (30s) adult with leukaemia I can say she is likely to have a difficult time ahead but it is not at all hopeless.

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