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Lung cancer - post chemo (way tmi imo but I had to ask)

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KatyMac Wed 09-Jul-14 21:00:19

He is eating much better too (that'll be the steroids I think - but they are finished now)

nicename Wed 09-Jul-14 20:52:02

The best thermometers are the ones you pop in your ear.

Hope the chemo goes well and he gets his strength up.

KatyMac Wed 09-Jul-14 20:47:19

Thanks guys

I do try to keep track of it

BrokenDownstairs Wed 09-Jul-14 19:16:31

Keep an eye on his temperature as others have said, if that goes up call the unit asap

Funkytown Wed 09-Jul-14 19:14:23

That's good to hear and I hope all is well

KatyMac Sun 06-Jul-14 17:07:49

Apparently they aren't too worried as long as his temperature doesn't go up - he must see the GP tomorrow as an urgent appointment

KatyMac Sun 06-Jul-14 15:06:00

I've pulled rank & phoned the emergency helpline

I'm waiting for them to ring back

WeAllHaveWings Sun 06-Jul-14 14:55:46

When my mum and dad have had chemo/dialysis/other treatments they usually leave hospital with leaflets and information on symptoms/side affects of treatment etc and what they can expect. If these symptoms are not in the information given I'd phone NHS 24 for advice.

Lovethesea Sun 06-Jul-14 14:48:31

Macmillan have a lot of information on their website. and then look up cancer information and you can choose lung cancer for specifics x

KatyMac Sun 06-Jul-14 13:55:43

Yes - but it's Sunday & he doesn't want to disturb anyone

Sorry about your mum

Funkytown Sun 06-Jul-14 13:49:34

My mum had his unfortunately lost her battle I don't think that the mucus and blood is a sign of it breaking down, I do remember my mother having quiet a lot of this so maybe it's something that comes with it
Maybe best to have a chat with his doctor ?

KatyMac Sun 06-Jul-14 13:47:24

My dad had chemo on Tuesday for small cell lung cancer

He is coughing up bloody mucus, clots & goo (< that's a technical medical descriptionhmm)

He thinks it is the tumour breaking down - is this likely?

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