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Msa-3. Anyone had experience of this?

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susiedaisy Wed 02-Jul-14 12:29:20

That's it really, my mums just been diagnosed with it. hmm


susiedaisy Wed 02-Jul-14 12:32:07

Meant to add that Msa stands for
Multiple system atrophy.

susiedaisy Wed 02-Jul-14 20:46:02


Heebiejeebie Thu 03-Jul-14 22:40:12

Hi, sorry to hear about your mum. I have heard of MSA-c, or multiple systems atrophy - cerebellar type or MSA-p, the Parkinsonian type. Both cause problems with movement, coordination and low blood pressure. The Sarah Matheson trust is a great help -

susiedaisy Thu 03-Jul-14 23:22:12

Thank you heebie

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