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Does anyone have young children and extreme fatigue?

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LovingSummer Mon 23-Jun-14 11:46:02

I've got MS and find it desperately hard.

I need to find ways to make it easier as my symptoms are getting worse by the day.

Any tips would help!

SideOfFoot Mon 23-Jun-14 18:30:59

I've got ms but I don't suffer from fatigue, walking and balance are my problems and I cope by sitting down. My children are a little bit order now too which is easier. But let's see if I can help.

How can we make things easier for you. When I cook I often make extra so I can freeze it and I haves a ready cooked meal just to be defrosted and heated up. E.g. I would cook double mince, one for tea, one in the freezer, that's an easy meal ready for next week. If you want more ideas like this i'll give you more ideas but won't rabbit on for now in case this isn't what you want.

Are your children old enough to help, just simple things like bringing their dirty washing to the washing machine, taking their clean washing away.

Do you do jobs that could just not be done, e.g, I never iron.

How about labour saving devices, I tumble dry everything in all weathers, I have a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Can you delegate the jobs that tire you the most.

If your children are old enough, I'm not averse to a bit of bribery, e.g they want money for something an I get them to do a job.

Are these ideas along the lines you are looking for, if so, I'll try and suggest more things, if not, then sorry I haven't helped.

LovingSummer Mon 23-Jun-14 20:36:06

Thank you so much for your reply. I too, have balance problems but am currently having physio for that (again) and it's currently the least of my problems MS-wise.

My children are aged 4 and 1, so not terribly helpful at the moment. The best I can ask for is that my 4 year old puts his clothes into the washing machine before bath time, and puts his own shoes on before going out. bribery is a great tool but I think I will have to be patient on that one a little longer.

Like you, I never iron anymore blush and I also own a robotic hoover. I have trouble cooking because I lose track too easily now. I used to be such a good cook and struggle to even organise baked beans on jacket potatoes! Some more cooking tips would help as it absolutely ties me up in knots.

I find I can't stand very well as my leg buckles. This makes cooking or sorting out the DC really difficult. I also am exhausted from the first moment I open my eyes in the morning and it just gets worse as the day goes on. The truth is I am just not coping with it all physically and it really gets me down as I feel like only half a Mum at best. Even that involves using my every last bit of strength.

Sorry to sound so negative about it all. It is just such a long and hard struggle I have to tell myself to take it hour by hour, just to get through the day.

SideOfFoot Mon 23-Jun-14 21:27:13

Have you tried sitting down to do jobs like cooking. I'm always sitting down. I have a computer type chair in the kitchen so on wheels so I can turn round. It is a bit strange at first having a chair in the kitchen but its usefulness outweighs the strangeness of it very quickly. Nowadays, the funny thing is that if I'm not sitting on it for whatever reason, someone else sits on it, so guess I'm not the only one who likes it.

Have you tried ready prepared vegetables or ready mashed potatoes, also quite easy to prepare a meal in a slow cooker, just throw everything in.

If you struggle to organise the cooking how about a list so your weekly meals are planned so you know what you are eating each night, you could alternate easy to prepare meal with less easy one and you could thrown in a take away or eat out maybe one night a week.

Do you do Internet shopping?

Would your 4 year old maybe help prepare a simple lunch by e.g. making a sandwich, putting beans on toast. My children have always done this kind if thing but more becaus they enjoy cooking than anything else.

Do you have a seat in the shower or bath, I find this incredibly useful.

Also, are you in receipt of dla (pip I think it is now).

Have you tried any drugs to help with your fatigue, I can't comment because I don't have fatigue so don't take anything but it might be worth a word with your gp.

LovingSummer Wed 25-Jun-14 14:08:24

My neurology team seemed to think fatigue drugs aren't helpful so don't offer them. From what I've read online it appears they give a temporary life but isn't sustainable. A bit like taking amphetamines illegally, might help you dance all night but strains the body long-term. I gather it can be given on prescription legally in some countries though.

I have a stool in the kitchen but had to keep nipping to the fridge or the drawer and can't seem to chop properly without standing over the board. Maybe I'm not practised enough yet.

I have sorted myself a fabulous planner for the whole month, but I can't seem to organise buying in the ingredients or remember what to do on the day. My mind gets so scrambled which I find particularly annoying as I used to be so capable and organised.

I don't buy prepared veg and they'd a good idea, every little helps. And I do shop online for the same reason smile

SideOfFoot Wed 25-Jun-14 20:43:07

What about a stool/chair on wheels so you can just turn around or slide over a bit to reach the fridge or drawer. My seat is just a standard computer type seat on wheels, a bit strange in the kitchen I know but so useful. I don't know the layout of your kitchen of course.

Yes, it is a bit hard to chop without standing over the board, I think you'd get better. Hw about putting your chopping board on a lower surface, a lower table or an extra seat at a lower height. My oven door opens downward and I use it as a little shelf, very useful but I don't know what your oven is like.

My mind doesn't get scrambled so i might not be helping here but if you are struggling to know what to do on the day why not make a list for each day.

I also have an app on my phone for online shopping and every time I realise I need something I click it into my basket. I always have my phone beside me.

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