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This is ridiculous!!

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KatyMac Fri 20-Jun-14 07:50:17

My da has lung cancer; he had to have a broncoscopy yesterday

Then he got told he had to have another one in a fortnight as the other person that needs to see it wasn't there yesterday

How ridiculous

Lilybensmum1 Mon 23-Jun-14 13:10:47

That's awful! I don't really know what to say that is not the standard of care you expect for someone with cancer. Can you contact the secretary of the Doctor? What is your dad waiting for from the results? Is it treatment or assessment? Hope he gets it sorted. I'm sorry for you and your dad.

KatyMac Sun 06-Jul-14 13:49:46

Sorry lilybensmum - I was so cross I couldn't talk about it

They have abandoned the idea any way as he is too poorly

Lilybensmum1 Sun 06-Jul-14 13:51:16

So what is the situation with your dad now? What are they doing for him? How is he?

KatyMac Sun 06-Jul-14 13:54:42

He had his first chemo on Tuesday - he has 5 more 'booked' but they can abandon treatment after each 2 if he doesn't respond

The broncoscopy said it was small cell lung cancer & the outlook is not good

Lilybensmum1 Sun 06-Jul-14 14:19:23

Ah I'm so sorry it's awful for you, it's just wait and see then? Hopefully the chemo will work, it must be really hard but until you know try to stay strong, can't imagine how it feels to see your dad like that, I'm here for handholding and chats if needed. flowers

rainbowfeet Sun 06-Jul-14 14:30:36

My thoughts are with you, we are waiting the results of my dad's lung biopsy. Seems like we've been waiting forever the 1st one failed (not enough collected) & his lung wouldn't re inflate spent 6 days in hospital a week at home to recover then 2nd biopsy lady week.
MDT meeting is Tuesday .... We know it has spread to lymph & brain .. I can't shake this terrible feeling it's going to be the worst possible news.

thanks Sending you a hug

KatyMac Sun 06-Jul-14 14:36:24

Oh Rainbowfeet - how horrid

Lung cancer is a bugger; all cancer is a bugger

& remember it isn't a fight - the patient can't 'win' or 'lose' it's an illness

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