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pelvic ultrasound&transvaginal scan

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babyjane67 Mon 12-Aug-13 14:43:26

ive gotta have the above tests done on23rd aug as ive been
experiencing bleeding in between periods
im46&just thought it was the start of the menopause but dr thinks not so!
she says its to look for polyps or anything else that might be going on down there.she doesn't think its fibroids as im not getting very heavy periods
so like you do ive googled stuff&womb cancer came up&what my question is is will these sort of tests always show up womb cancer?
has anyone else had these tests&can tell me what to expect please
many thanks

EeyoreIsh Mon 12-Aug-13 14:46:29

They're non invasive tests that can show up somethings that are happening. They won't hurt, although the transvaginal one is internal so can be a bit uncomfortable. They can see things like ovarian cysts.

On the day, the sonographer may tell you what they find, or they may decide to send a report back to your gp/consultant.

Good luck, I hope it's nothing serious.

Ziggyzoom Mon 12-Aug-13 14:51:02

I had these tests for bleeding between periods and very heavy periods. They found I had a condition called adenomyosis - nothing to worry about and the symptoms can be treated. The scans themselves were fine. the vaginal one was not uncomfortable at all and the woman doing it was lovely and compared notes about her heavy periods! There are all sorts of conditions that can cause your symptoms, try not to worry and step away from Google!

babyjane67 Mon 12-Aug-13 15:40:43

thankyou both very much for your replies
I am quite worried about it&whether they'll find anything or not
dr said even if results are normal shes still referring me to gyny as they may want to do couple of biopsies/other tests
im also due on again when I have to have the tests but apparently as long as im comfortable with it then they'll still do it
my last2periods were bit different.the last one being only2&half days when ususally its5or6!i was on quite heavy(for me)on the first day then the 2nd I had a lot of pain in my pelvis&bottom of my tummy esp on left went luckily after a couple of hrs!
ive told gp about all this anyway so its on the records
can I ask you both how old you are if you don't mind?

Ziggyzoom Mon 12-Aug-13 17:26:48

I had the tests when I was about 36. Not too long for you to wait for the tests. I hope all goes well.

EeyoreIsh Mon 12-Aug-13 17:44:36

I've found the sonographers to not mind at all about bleeding, they're used to it.

I had my first scans when I was 24. I have endometriosis. I've had quite a few more scans since (now 33) as I get endometrial cysts that need monitoring.

Try not to worry, and don't goggle, you'll be drawn to the worst case scenario. It's good you're getting referred to a gynae, kept notes on when you bleed, how long for, how heavy (docs tend to measure this in pads per hour(s)), and pain. You'll probably get asked this.

It's also normal to be referred for additional tests as they can't see everything through scans.

babyjane67 Tue 13-Aug-13 11:56:12

Ok thanks lots to both of you for your help.

babyjane67 Mon 26-Aug-13 16:28:34

Well i had my scans done on friday.
All was normal nothing nasty as she put it but there is some 'coarseness'there which she said could be either tiny fibroids that arent big enough to def say its them or adenomyosis.
Ive had to book an app to see my gp again in2wks&go from there.
She said she will put coarseness in the report though i dont know if that means she will put could be either of those two things or not
Are there further tests the gyny can do or will poss wamt to do to def say if it is one or the other?
Im still waiting to get gyny app through!

Ziggyzoom Sun 01-Sep-13 20:06:28

After my scan the sonographer told me she had seen some abnormalities, but it didn't look like anything to worry about. The pictures were reviewed by a consultant before I got back to my GP, so by the time I got to that appointment there was a clear diagnosis. I don't know if this will be the same everywhere, but I hope you get some clear answers.

babyjane67 Tue 03-Sep-13 17:33:58

Saw gp today&she basically reiterated what i was told on dayof scan&to wait now for gyny app which i still havent got!
She said they may want to take an endometrial biopsy but she doesnt think theres gonna be owt to worry about&is now saying it could be premenopause after saying all this time that she didnt think it was!
She said they may advise fittimg a mirena coil to stop the bleeding between periods but didnt say about any treatment for the adenomyosis!
So still a little bit confused really!

babyjane67 Tue 03-Sep-13 17:37:46

Ziggyzoom did you have a definate treatment given for the adenomyosis or for the bleeding between periods?

Ziggyzoom Tue 03-Sep-13 20:58:19

The consultant offered meds designed to reduce bleeding or Mirena coil. My options were a bit limited because I've previously had a DVT. I didn't fancy long-term pill popping and I've heard the Mirena can cause weight gain (and I don't need any help in that department wink). So I asked what would happen if I did nothing and he said "nothing" i would just have to learn to live with the symptoms. The most drastic option which he didn't even want to consider at my age (36 at the time) was hysterectomy. I went for - learning to live with the symptoms. The mooncup is my friend!

When you do get to see the gyny, just discuss options and outcomes - it sounds like good news all round, you just need to discuss the way forward.

babyjane67 Wed 04-Sep-13 11:50:40

Yes it is good news thankfully!
I dont fancy the coil at all&especially if it piles weight on as im in same position as you!lol
Will just av to wait&see what my options are when isee gyny&discuss it all
Im bit annoyed that gp is now saying it could be premeno now especially as thats what i went down expecting them to say when i first saw them!

babyjane67 Wed 04-Sep-13 11:56:46

What is a mooncup?lol

Ziggyzoom Wed 04-Sep-13 17:41:43

here - it can cope with much higher flow.

I hope your consultation goes well.

babyjane67 Sun 20-Oct-13 16:34:15

Have finally got my app through after referral getting lost!
Its for mon28th so will see what happens then

babyjane67 Mon 28-Oct-13 16:07:46

have had my gyny app today
After2internal exams&another transvaginal ultrasound they found a polyp which first lot of scans i had missed!
Also that some of my womb cells are growing on outside of my cervix&some red patches there but that this is nowt to worry about
i have to have a hysteroscopy to remove the polyp which im now on waiting list for&should be in next couple of months
Had anyone had a hysteroscopy&can tell me what to expect?
Many thanks

babyjane67 Thu 31-Oct-13 16:59:09

Has anyone had a polyp(s)&are they always benign?
Did they grow back again after?

basia2 Sun 16-Feb-14 23:22:46

I had all these scans plus an endometrial biopsy back in October.
It turned out to be an endometrial polyp; my second one in three years.
I had it removed in a minor surgery. It was benign. They almost always are.
Be advised that they tend to grow back... or at least, new ones grow.
But now that you know the symptoms, you won't be so scared if it happens again.
Good luck to you.

basia2 Mon 17-Feb-14 00:02:37

In response to your question, endometrial polyps are benign 96 to 98% of the time.
Usually when they are malignant, it is in older women beyond menopause(in whom they are also much rarer, since they are caused by estrogen).
In women of reproductive age, a uterine polyp is very, very unlikely to be cancerous.
Women who are prone to uterine polyps also sometimes get cervical polyps (I've had several).
These are always benign. The main symptom of them is bleeding after sex.
Both types of polyps are very common; I've read that 20% of women will have at least one. Some women will never know they have one, because not everyone gets symptoms.

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