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Chance of recovery? Brain damage?

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emdottyjackson Sat 10-Aug-13 16:48:57

Our uncle suffered a massive heart attack yesterday (his fourth) after an hour of CPR the hospital came to us to tell us he had died. Devastated, he had just made a speach at our cousins wedding. We started to call family, an hour later the consultant came back to tell us by some sheer miracle he had begun to breathe unaided. They now have him on ventilators & have had him sedated & he's currently being cooled. We have been told to not expect much, he is my uncle by marriage, he's survived so much was signed off by the doctor to go on holiday in 2 weeks. Any medical professionals do you think he has much of a chance? I think we think he'll bounce back like before but an hour without oxygen? How can you come back to life? Surely he didn't die & they got it wrong? We're in limbo & I feel I need to prepare myself somehow to be strong foru husband, he was very close, I'm know no one here can give me answers but I can't really express this shock, everyone is mute.

headlesslambrini Sat 10-Aug-13 16:53:45

so sorry about this, I'm not a medical person so can't advise on that but didn't want to 'read and run'. If it was me, I would be asking the same questions that you seem to be. Only the doctors on his case, will have access to his medical records and be able to answer your questions with any certainty. You only need to be concerned right now with his prognosis, any other questions can be addressed at a later date.

emdottyjackson Sat 10-Aug-13 17:20:18

hospital have said he has kidney function & eye movement/response they will keep him sedated for another 48 hours, hopeful

chloeb2002 Thu 05-Sep-13 15:31:43

There will be two main issues I suspect. Firstly hypoxic brain injury. Secondly his cardiac state. I presume on his 4th mi he has had every intervention done and is on maximum medical therapy. Probably has extensively occluded vessels and huge cardiac tissue damage.
They will wean his sedation, assess his response while keeping his airway secure and then see where to from there. It is impossible to say but is suggest he won't be the person he was before. And his risk of a fatal mi increases.

notsurewhattothink99 Mon 09-Sep-13 13:17:47

Thank you, I forgot this was here. I'm sad to say he passed away two weeks after. The hospital said he would not have had a lot of brain function left.

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