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His Parkinsons or Diabetes?

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dunkinhobnobs Wed 03-Jul-13 09:17:46

Apologies if I am not posting this in the correct area. I have ventured over from the pregnancy boards as I am very worried about my poor FIL.
Very short history, he has diabetes and Parkinsons Disease. From what I can make out they both seem to complicate one another and the results seem to be various medications to counteract the side effects of the others.
Yesterday he came round for a family occasion and on arriving it was clear he was not at all well. My DH decided quite quickly that he needed to be at home so drove him there. Basically he was more dazed and confused than usual, fuzzy headed and felt sick. Very unsteady on his feet.
Anyway, late last night he fell into some kind of comatose state and nothing would rouse him. Eventually after the paramedic had been in attendance for a while he came to a bit but was speaking complete garbage and this morning does not remember anything at all.
Paramedics decided he was better off at home and did not admit him!! He has been advised to see his GP this morning.
I suppose my question is, has anyone suffered or witnessed an episode like this whilst having one of these illnesses. Which illness was to blame? Was it a one off?
Thanks in advance to anyone who finds the time to reply.

bumpybecky Wed 10-Jul-13 15:13:12

sounds more like diabetes to me (not medically trained, but my Dad has Parkinsons)

crazycatlady82 Sun 04-Aug-13 02:55:55

Hi there,

What medication is he on? If he is on gliclazide, or insulin he is at higher risk of having a 'hypo' than other diabetes medication. (Google diabetes uk then search for hypo).

Due to his Parkinson's he may well be losing weight due to not eating so well or swallowing difficulties.

See his GP but he may benefit from a blood glucose monitor. These can also be bought in a pharmacy.

Any time he is dazed, disorientated or if you 'just can't put your finger on it but he doesn't seem quite right' test his blood glucose levels.

If they are 4mmol/l or less you should give him a mixer sized can of normal coke 125ml or a 200ml glass of Orange juice and then follow it up with a bowl of cereal or a sandwich.

The diabetes uk website will give you far more info but it sounds like a review of his diabetes medication wouldn't go a miss.

Hope that helps,

Your friendly crazy cat lady smile

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