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Mum has been made newly disabled, any support out there?

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liamh123 Sun 23-Jun-13 16:00:58

Hi all,
My mum is probably the most driven and independent person I have ever met. She had worked hard building up a career as a social worker and has spent her life fighting against adversity. Last year she was diagnosed with Cellulitis which has rendered her disabled. In the space of 12 months she has lost her job, her car, her lifestyle and her identity and I have seen a huge shift in her optimism and determination for the future. She's worried about her relationships breaking down and has been given no emotional support what-so-ever.

I am desperately looking for online communities or people who have or are going through a similar thing for my mum to talk with and I wondered if anybody was aware of any that may be of interest? Ideally anything online or offline would be a huge help - she's based in Warrington, Merseyside.

It's heartbreaking for all of us and we just feel totally helpless. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.



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