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My sister...

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grants1000 Thu 20-Jun-13 09:27:15

Have you tried PALS at the hospital Patient Liaison Service? Reception should have the details ot it should be on their website. You can raise you concerns with them and they will look into it for you.

Those nurses behavior is totally unacceptable and they need to be told. Is there are ward sister? Do you have a strong friend you can take in with you to talk to them? As I know it's very hard to speak when emotions are running high. If I were near you I'd come!

Wishing you and your sister well.

IRCL Wed 19-Jun-13 23:56:52

My younger sister was diagnosed with mouth cancer age just 17, it was completely out of the blue. We were all very shocked. After two operations the cancer had been removed and my sister has had regular check ups since.

Everything was going smoothly until one of the glands were up in her neck, testing revealed it was secondary cancer. We were devastated yet again.

This was a couple of weeks ago, today she had a radical neck dissection to remove all lymph nodes.

She has had a rough ride in life so far and has always suffered from anxiety and OCD. Etemphobia in particular.

Despite all this she still puts a brave face on. smile

The ward nurse has been awful with her and they haven't given her her ten o'clock meds.

I am fuming as if she isn't suffering enough. sad

My mum said as she has sobbed herself to sleep in the day room as a patient on the ward has been vomiting. This is her worst fears and shes now sleeping in the day room. sad the nurse said if she changes her mind she can't go back to her bed?! Wtf?! They won't let my mum stay in the arm chair either.

This anxiety is ruining her life as well as this stupid cancer.

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