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single,self employed and may have ms

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singlemammy Mon 18-Mar-13 14:00:57

am a single parent to 6 children and started self employed early this year. since starting at has been a stressful time have experience 3 bouts of loss of use of my legs. really don't know how to go on as have none family support and am having to ask for help of the ex just to make sure i get through the day. i feel totally exhausted, loss of consentraition, slured speach, numb feeling yet tender to actually touch, razor blade sensation in my finger tips and now aching in my legs.
any advice would be greatly appriciated

evansthebread Thu 04-Apr-13 22:15:29

I've had those symptoms on/off for 18 years. I was diagnosed with MS at the time but am going for another MRI soon as my symptoms cover other illnesses I have (CRPS and Fibromyalgia - with a little pseudo-gout thrown in just for laughs).

I was scared at first, but my overreacting made everything worse. Stress is an awful thing and always made my symptoms worse. Easier said than done, but please try to calm down. Can you try some meditation and mindfulness? I find this helps quite a lot.

Have you been diagnosed? Do you intend to get a diagnosis if you haven't? That might be the first step, though I can understand why you'd be reluctant.

My initial diagnosis went a lot on losing the sight in one eye for several months and "upward plantar" reflexes.

If nothing else, try to control the stress. The Mayo Clinic has good articles that you might find helpful. Good luck.

LilithSternin Sun 07-Apr-13 12:57:08

As Evans has already asked, do you plan on trying to get a diagnosis? If so, get yourself booked in to see your GP and ask to be referred to a neurologist-if it is M.S., there are drugs that can help manage the symptoms that you may be prescribed if you do get a diagnosis of M.S.

On an immediately practical level, do you have anyone friends-wise who you could ask for a bit of support with your children or your business? Parenting six children and running a business is an awful lot to take on alone. Best of luck to you whatever you decide.

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