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IF you had a PET Scan?

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MrsWhirling Sun 03-Mar-13 10:51:39

And you have cancer, did you have it before or after your cancer was diagnosed? Xx

gingeroots Sat 23-Mar-13 04:32:06

Gosh I'd also love to hear answers to this .

I'm due a PET scan on Monday .

CMOTDibbler Sun 24-Mar-13 20:16:59

They can be used at any time in cancer diagnosis, treatment, and followup as well as in diagnosing other conditions

gingeroots Mon 25-Mar-13 07:27:44

Thanks Dibbler .

Can't help thinking that wouldn't have been sent for PET scan unless strong suspicion of cancer . ( throat , "very suspicious " brushings /cytology so far )

What do you think ?

gingeroots Mon 25-Mar-13 07:28:30

I won't hold you to any thoughts smile !

CMOTDibbler Mon 25-Mar-13 09:10:19

Well, obv cancer would be in the differential diagnosis pool (ie, things that could be going on), but using a PET scan doesn't mean they are sure thats what it is, just that they need more information and a PET scan is a good way of getting more information at a cell activity level

seanbonbon Mon 25-Mar-13 11:17:36

I had a PET scan and the docs did think I had cancer but I didn't iyswim. So yes it just gives them more information this stage. Good luck.

Theas18 Mon 25-Mar-13 11:24:06

My father had a PET scan. We knew he had a tonsillar lymphoma but it needed staging to plan treatment.

It was clear (little yay) but actually, in view of his age and generally health changed nothing which was annoying. Care was/will be palliative. We could have known that without the PET if the haematologist had been either in possession of all the facts re radical radiotherapy,or , been honest with us about them.

Make sure that every test you have on your cancer journey ( or journey to diagnosis) you are clear about why it's happening and how it will influence care.

HTH OP. Have a hug from me.

gingeroots Mon 25-Mar-13 13:23:33

Thank you all for the replies.

Mmm "clear why it's happening " let me see , that'll be because they told me it was
and " how it will affect my care " not a clue .

Though to be fair ,I suppose until they have a clearer idea of what's going on they can't offer treatment .

Though I guess that latter point could be used to explain an awful lot of tests .

But on the whole I feel lucky to live in a first world country where health care is free at point of entry .( or whatever the phrase is )

MrsWhirling Mon 25-Mar-13 17:17:19

Good luck with the test results Gingeroots.

I posted because Dr's accidentally discovered a tumour on my mums liver and she was referred for a Pet Scan.

She got her results last week and the liver specialists said the tumour didn't show up very 'hot' on the scan but they can't be sure what it is and he has advised her to have a biopsy. Three more weeks of waiting is going to be hell but hopefully it's benign xx

gingeroots Tue 26-Mar-13 11:13:17

Oh MrsWhirling that sounds like torture .
A PET scan and still no diagnosis ?

When is the biopsy ?

My tests have been quick - 20 days from first investigation and due to meet with oncologist tomorrow .
But even that short time has been excruciating .

I was convinced that the PET scan was making a dodgy ,long standing ,still not resolved infection from a tooth throb .

And they couldn't get the scope far enough down my throat to do the ultrasound they wanted to do .
Which has freaked me out .
I'm trying to think that it's just inflammation maybe caused by the biopsys last week

Oh well ,more news tomorrow I guess .

gingeroots Tue 26-Mar-13 11:16:02

Oh ,my PET scan was for diagnosis I think .

I think there is lack of certainity until biopsy results are in ,at moment they only have "brushings" ,like a smear I think .

MrsWhirling Tue 26-Mar-13 11:52:17

Still waiting for the appointment for the biopsy but the liver specialist has made an appointment to see mum on 17 April by which time biopsy and results will be done. It has and is torture to be honest and all I can do is pray, pray to god it's benign.

I pray for positive results for you both. Xx

gingeroots Tue 26-Mar-13 16:38:23

So feel for you ,the waiting is awful .


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