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Cushion/Pillow Ring for charity - do you have one?

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mandmassage Mon 04-Feb-13 09:07:41

I have just been to a palliative care charity called Ndi Moyo in Malawi helping people with cancer and HIV. I was so shocked and saddened by the poverty there, the government are failing to even provide pain relief drugs in hospital, the local newspaper has an article from the doctors of a main hospital asking for sutures, drugs, bandages because they have none left!
But the joy is that Ndi Moyo are providing pain relief and now the chemotherapy drug Vinchristie to help keep their patients alive and well and out of pain. I met several of them and was fortunate enough to be able to give some massage to help relieve some of their side effects. One patient Mercy, is in her twenties, she was beaten up by her husband but with Ndi Moyo's encouragement she left him, he burnt down her house, she now lives in a straw house which leaks. It's rainy season now. One of the volunteers just paid £30 to give her a nice thick mattress that is waterproof. She was sleeping on the mud floor before. She has cervical cancer, they rarely do biopsies over there. The reason they know this is because she has large external tumours. These aren't being surgically removed, no sutures in hospital means no surgery. So she is unable to even sit comfortably. I just thought maybe if someone had a spare piles/injury pillow they could post out to Ndi Moyo this would just make her life a little bit better.
If you do then please post to
Lucy Finch
Ndi Moyo Palliative Care
P O Box 84
If you want to donate some money which will help Ndi Moyo continue to provide morphine and Vinchristie and clothes, food, pay school fees £40 a term, thick waterproof mattress £30, thin mat £1, 10 school books = £1, 20 pens = £2. Please do because this charity is run by two people supposedly retired who don't take a wage from the charity and have put a lot of their own money in to support it and keep it running. Lucy and Tony Finch are truly lovely people and when you meet people who put so much support and love into a project like this you just want to keep on and on supporting them. Feel free to post clothes, post a DVD for their patient day care on the last Tuesday of the month they have a day providing food and drink and fun and smiles. They can't afford to provide food and drink every day. The money has to be spent on drugs as a priority. So anything you can give would be really appreciated. Thank you to those that have read this far.

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