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Pagets - Am I being paranoid???

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Pommymumof3 Wed 25-Jul-12 10:18:44

Hi there,
I'd go back to the GP and tell him/her that you are concerned you may have this condition... If all turns out to be a false alarm, better to feel a bit of a pain than regret not going I say!

BoyMeetsWorld Tue 24-Jul-12 22:21:20

Hi. I feel like I'm going crazy.

I've been in & out of drs over and over about my stupid boobs - basically, they are hypersensitive to a ridiculous degree (I can't take my bra off in case anything brushes against them, can't stand any contact with them at all and often resort to plasters over nipples to cope). Both nipples flake constantly - not severely but definitely noticeable and all the time, sometimes crusting. They both have a constant pale yellow discharge when squeezed, like old breastmilk. And I have a VERY definite small lump directly next to one nipple - firm, non painful and been there over a year.

Yes, I have seen drs. Been to the breast specialist section of the local hospital. They actually seemed quite worried at one point. They did scans and a slide test of the discharge. But came back saying all ok might just be hormones, couldn't give me any explanation other than referring me to an endocrinologist. One dr even suggested I have surgery to sever my nipple nerves so I can cope with the hypersensitivity.

My question: I STILL have this constant niggling feeling they're wrong & something really isn't right with me. I saw Embarassing Bodies tonight - they were talking about a rare form of breast cancer called Pagets Disease which often goes misdiagnosed. It sounded so exactly like what I have & the pictures they showed even looked like my nipples. Apparently it can only be diagnosed with a skin biopsy - which I've never had or been offered.

But I'm worried im being unreasonable or paranoid. I've already been seen by drs and the breast specialists. Part of me says they've already told me I'm fine so I should just accept it. The other part really feels something's not right & the Pagets thing just rang so true.

Does anyone have any experience with this please, or thoughts? Feeling really anxious

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