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Testicular Cancer

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Gigondas Sun 08-Jul-12 20:06:21

Things to distract him- mags, books, maybe an iTunes voucher to load onto his iPod/iPad.

Soft drinks/ snacks (biscuits or crisps as good to nibble on stuff).

And tell him to look at live obviously there is a lot of inspiration from lance Armstrong who got through testicular cancer but there is a lot on ther from younger cancer sufferers . Touches on fertility, how you tell your mates(even what you might want to put on fb). IMHO it's far better geared to younger patients and living with cancer than many sites.

insanityscratching Fri 06-Jul-12 18:31:17

Dd's boyfriend 20 will begin chemotherapy on Monday for testicular cancer. It's going to be an aggressive treatment as they have spotted tumours in his kidneys too.
I'd like to send him just a bag of stuff that will be useful and fun to let him know that we are supporting him too.
So any ideas on what I can put in the bag considering he'll most likely feel pretty grotty for a while anyway?

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