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Is this MS? - Very scared - waiting for diagnosis

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Memoo Fri 22-Jun-12 16:05:09

I feel for you op. in a similar position too. I've now lost a lot of feeling in my left leg and am waiting for an urgent MRI. This waiting is gut wrenchingly awful and is only made even worse by the fact that I'm in a lot of pain sad
I hope you get some answers soon.

CharlieBoo Thu 21-Jun-12 20:36:33

It's early days, the symptoms will go... My advice is eat well, lots of fruit and veg, lots of rest and let your dh help. Get yourself some good multi vitamins.. I also used to take an extra supplement of magnesium which helps the nervous system. I only had one child when I had all this going on and my parents live round the corner and are retired. How old are your little ones? 4 weeks will go quickly and you will most probably be a lot better by then. Stress can play havoc with the body, so try and relax. With me in the end they put it down to a virus which triggered things. Thinking of you x

nikster76 Thu 21-Jun-12 17:57:29

Hello. Thanks so much for your kind replies. It's good to hear some encouraging stories and having some support. I have now seen 6 different doctors this week and no-one has offered aby theories apart from stress which maybe a component but is not the cause. I have decided to get a private appointment but it is still a 4 week wait, I can't imagine feeling the way I do for 4 weeks and having no answers. . I feel tired and weak, offbalance and depressed. How do you all cope with looking after your children? I can't do it at the moment and my dh is taking loads of time off work.

Thanks again for the messages of support.

Toughasoldboots Thu 21-Jun-12 00:14:16

I was admitted through A&E for an episode very similar to yours which they thought was a brain haemorrhage . Once it was established that it wasn't, I had quite a long wait to see a neurologist , I think it was ten weeks.

Their point of view is that this is not normally something that can be diagnosed quickly anyway and much of it is sit and wait, which is horrible.

My MRI shows minor changes but no definite lesions which I understand is the protocol for diagnosis.
I have to go back for 6 monthly check ups and wait in this no mans land.

I get very tired too and I am not sure whether my anxiety is the basis of some of my symptoms. The swallowing problem was the worst for me, it felt as if I was choking.

Sorry to have waffled on but I am clumsily trying to say that I feel for you and it's terrifying but there are some positive stories about MS if that's what it turns out to be.

CharlieBoo Wed 20-Jun-12 23:51:08

I had a similar episode a few years ago. I was only 27 and woke up one morning with numb legs.. I got referred very quickly and 3 days later was in a neurologists office. Go back to gp and try to push for an emergency appt with the neurologist. They willprob do MRI and go from there... Good luck, mine wasn't ms, but they can't guarantee it wasn't... Brain MRI was clear, but my brother has ms very mildly. Keep us updated. Am here if you need to talk, I've been there and it's scary but keep faith.

JuliaScurr Wed 20-Jun-12 19:36:01

Health Visitor got my appt faster; it was MS in my case. If it is in yours, don't panic. It's a pain in the arse, unlikely to kill you, can be treated. PM me if you want more info. Keep calm smile

nikster76 Wed 20-Jun-12 19:30:17

Hello all. Having a horrible stressful week and looking for a bit of support and chat.

I have been having bad health problems for over a year now, ever since the birth of my second son. I have been feeling lightheaded and 'not really there' or in a dream. I have also had fatigue, almost glandular fever like (which I had badly in my twenties). It been very worrying but I kept putting it down to being exhausted with a new baby or an inner ear infection. Last sunday night I had a horrible 'attack' of some kind. I had had a great day and was starting to thing my strange symptoms had gone away. Suddenly my I started to get very bad lower back pain like muscle cramps and pins and needles and electric shock type symptoms up my back and legs. My arms and legs felt numb as well as the left hand side of my face. Since then I haven't really recovered, numbness has gone away a but my middle finger in my right hand is not working properly still. I also am having trouble swallowing food, kind of catches in my throat and tonight I had blurry vision patches in my right eye.

I know enough about MS to think this could be the cause and everyday this week I have been to the doctors but they keep putting it down to anxety and stress since I am passing all the balance tests etc that the GP does. I have been referred to a neurologist but could take 3 months. Meanwhile, I feel that new symptoms are appearing and I am not getting any better.

Has anyone got any tips on how I can get to see a neurologist faster? Should I just get myself to A & E? Your opinions about symptoms would also be appreciated although I realise that everyone's experience of MS is different.

Many thanks everyone


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