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Need Info on Leukaemia....

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moonblushtomato Sun 29-Apr-12 20:29:11

My father-in-law has unfortunately recently found out his leukaemia has returned 2 years after he finished his 1st bout of chemotherapy.

It was such a shock as he seems in such good health.

What is the likelihood, if any, that it will be more severe this time? (This is something I read years ago about cancers in general)

moonblushtomato Mon 30-Apr-12 11:49:34


Gigondas Wed 02-May-12 17:08:35

Have you tried Macmillan ? They have a helpline and lot of online resources.

moonblushtomato Wed 02-May-12 20:01:09

Thanks gigondas, I'll have a look thanks

loveschocolate Tue 24-Jul-12 22:10:20

What type of leukaemia and how old is he? Hope that things are going ok

moonblushtomato Sat 22-Sep-12 20:26:03

Just found this v old thread.

Thanks for replying loveschocolate

He is 66 and its acute myeloid leukaemia.

Since starting this post in April he has come close to dying 3 times and has been in and out of hospital ever since with infections. He is in remission I should add.

Its so unfair, we wonder whether life will go on like this for him and he'll never be truly free of it?

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