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any wannabe samesex mummies out there?

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itsmekatielou Thu 26-May-11 14:15:22

My wife and i are hoping to start a family soon. Just wondered if anyone else was in the same boat? it'd be nice to have someone to talk to about it.


wrighty2010 Sat 28-May-11 17:44:27

Hi, just wanted to wish you luck and also that I had to use a sperm donor to help me conceive and found them via a website called Pride Angel, may be also worth you takin a look on there as they have a forum and lots of mummies in the same boat! (The link is Are you going through a clinic or trying AI yourselves? All very exciting for you both whichever way! Good luck, let us know how ou get on xx

itsmekatielou Sat 28-May-11 22:21:43

thanks! i was looking on prideangel a few months ago but my wife wasn't really up for going down that route. We've seen a clinic in denmark that is a lot cheaper than the UK. Finding a donor ourselves and trying AI at home is a bit too daunting! did you catch on your first try?

thanks for the reply

drivingmisscrazy Sun 29-May-11 22:38:14

in many ways it's easier at home - no travel, not so clinical, fewer issues with timing (as long as you know your cycles and use OPKs) - it's not rocket science! We've done home AI twice successfully - first time took us 5 tries (timing issues), miscarried, then 2nd go after that. Current pregnancy took 3 tries - and my partner is over 40. Happy to pm you if you want to know the gory details.

Having said all that, the best option is the one that you're most comfortable with - so if you're happy with your decision, all well and good. Best of luck

Nicke1uk Fri 03-Jun-11 09:59:17

My partner and I are planning to start a family very soon, and would also find it great to chat to other about their experiences.


drivingmisscrazy Fri 03-Jun-11 19:56:17

Nicke1uk - hi! What do you want to know?

scaryfairy28 Mon 13-Jun-11 22:06:14

My partner and I have 1 dd now 1 month old if I can help with any questions pm me.

laurajaynesm Tue 14-Jun-11 20:29:24

Hi Katie
My wife and I are just looking into the process ourselves, we don't want to use a known donor. We've just been turned down for funding by the NHS, as there's nothing wrong with me, and can't afford the cost for Private treatment in the UK. Could I ask what clinic you have found in Denmark?

Thanks Laura

scaryfairy28 Tue 14-Jun-11 21:34:23

Think I've seen one advertised in Diva. Do you know your donor? If you do have you considered DIY insemination, that way finance is not an issue.

weemc1971 Tue 21-Jun-11 23:11:21

My partner and I have dd age 7 mth and ds 2 yrs. I have also a17 yr old dd. We used diui which is donor intro uterine insemination Any way we can advice pls get in touch x

KateandKatie Thu 23-Jun-11 10:42:30


I've just joined up looking for exactly the same thing. My partner and I have found a donor (through Pride Angel) and have our first donation due on Thursday. Really nervous about it, heard so many stories about people being let down so trying not to get hopes up but am also just hugely excited!! smile
Would love to hear other poeples experiences, thoughts and views and chat to anyone in same position
K xx

scaryfairy28 Fri 24-Jun-11 20:01:24

Get in touch if you want to chat or have any questions.

K8Kate Mon 27-Jun-11 20:58:20


We started our journey at the beginning of June. We're at the London Women's clinic. Plan us to use dp's eggs and for me to carry. Currently synching our cycles whilst waiting for test results. We are using donor sperm from the European Sperm Bank.

So excited...


itsmekatielou Sun 14-Aug-11 01:19:34

so sorry for the delay in getting back to you lovely ladies, i didn't get any email notifications that anyone had replied so didn't think anybody had!!! i am over the moon with the responses and would love to chat to you all a bit more!! this is brilliant. i've just started a blog about our experiences too, feel free to have a look, its yippee there are other gay mummies out there too!!!

elfgypsy Thu 18-Aug-11 19:49:29

Hi, I have a gorgeous dd who is 6 months old, she came to me thru a known donor artificial insemination at home, it worked on the first cycle but took 4 years for us to find a willing donor, great to see al these other gay mums smile

queenofthefairies Wed 31-Aug-11 22:35:13

Hello smile

My Partner and I are off to have a preliminary chat with our GP tomorrow and then our local Fertility clinic on friday. We cant afford IVF either so our options seem IUI or Egg Sharing (ie having our IVF treatment paid for except the donor sperm by another couple who would receive half my retrieved eggs).

As a Nurse myself im pretty clued up on whats involved by both processes from a medical point of view but would love to hear others experiences/thoughts etc and of course share my own.

Still trying to get my head round how i feel about egg sharing. in a way i think its nice to give a couple something to help them in there journey to be parents as the sperm donor will do for us.... hmmm still pondering on that....

2 years ago we had 4 attempts with a Private arrangement, I got pregnant but sadly miscarried. Id be happy to consider a private arrangement again but we our donor last time went alittle weird on us... started sending me texts in the middle of the day "his top tips on conception".... e.g he advised we use a 20ml syringe now not a 10ml.... I dont know... seems eaiser and cheaper to do it all at home but not sure we want that hassle again.

Anyway thats my thoughts.....

lizziebennet Thu 01-Sep-11 09:47:43

I'm pretty shocked that everyone else on here seems to have had to go private to get treatment. My DW and I are currently trying for a baby and we're entitled to 3 x IUI and 2 x IVF. We did have to pay for the sperm ourselves, but that's about a shortage of NHS donors, not our sexual orientation. We have had to be a little bit assertive, but have been treated the same way as any other couple who can't make a baby between the two of them. After all, we pay our taxes too.

Getting off my soapbox.....we've been surprised by how severe the side-effects of some of the drugs are, but once you are in a cycle and taking the various meds you just get your head down and get on with it.

No luck for us in the first two IUI cycles, so keeping our fingers crossed for cycle number 3.

Claire4285 Thu 01-Sep-11 16:37:50

Hi Katie

Me and my DP want to be need to extend our house or move and then save to have the IVF we want (her eggs, my womb, sperm donor). I have 3 children from my previous marriage so we have 3 lovely kids so we arent in any rush. Waiting for them to be a bit bigger 1st to start with! They are 6, 5 and 4.

I hope everything goes well for you.


queenofthefairies Thu 01-Sep-11 18:21:46

lizziebennet Firstly i wish you and your DW the very best of luck with your next cycle...

Can I ask which PCT you are under/what area of the country you are from?

We'd like to enquire about getting our treatment nhs funded and would be helpful to know where others have been successful.

lizziebennet Fri 02-Sep-11 09:52:23

I've already replied to queen, but in case it's useful to others, we are in Glasgow.

queenofthefairies Sat 03-Sep-11 22:39:55

We went back to the doctors and saw a my partners GP this time. The GP was GREAT. Have a whole stack of blood tests to attend for to check my fertility. Having a scan to check my tubes. In the meantime the GP is researching if we would meet IVF criteria and what she could do in the way of medicines to ensure/predict when I ovulate if we went down a private arrangement at home route....

We took the advice from one of you mumsnetters to see a different GP and go in with more determination to get what we want (after seeing my usual GP and her not taking me seriously)..... and it worked! Obviously theres no guarantees but we have 110% support from a GP which is a great start.

lizziebennet Mon 05-Sep-11 09:13:51

That's great - well done!

If the scan to check your tubes is an HSG/Hycosy thing with the dye, then definitely take some painkillers an hour beforehand and arrange to have the rest of the day off after. I was told it would be a bit like a smear, which was something of an understatement.

Best of luck with the tests and with the treatment.

pixarmum Mon 12-Sep-11 13:04:40

I am in my second cycle of IUI, hoping not need IVF. Already have 2 year old son from IUI. I would definitely try natural IUI before moving on to treatment with drugs etc. Good luck to you!

wrighty2010 Mon 12-Sep-11 14:47:59

HI, just been reading the new posts, just wondered why people go the IVF route if it isn't necessary? I agree that the drugs they give you can really mess you up if you have no fertility problems, I also agree trying at home can be a hassle but may be worth trying prior to going down an unneccesary route? However at least with ivf you dont hae to find your own donor.
queen-you mentioned syringes, I bought a kit from a website, Pride Angel, they included extender tips which i hadn't seen elsewhere, they are supposed to help the sperm by giving them a shorter distance to travel to the cervix. It worked for me on the second go. May be worth you looking into?! Hope things go well for you, keep us updated. Good luck xx

IfoundmyGspot Tue 13-Sep-11 09:02:10

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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