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Anyone out there in the Kent / Medway area?????

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Ginger80 Thu 25-Feb-10 13:32:51


I am a new mummy living in the Medway area & am getting really down that I just cant find any like minded people to spend some time with. I am in a civil partnership & our son is 15 weeks old. As soon as people find out that our son has 2 mummy's they back off! Are there any other lesbian or gay parents out there???? God I hope so confused

mummies2b Fri 26-Feb-10 10:23:03


Never fear you are not alone! smile My partner and I are expecting our first baby in less than 11 weeks, we've also been on the look out for same sex couples in the area and it's not been that easy.
We live near Tonbridge and so far I found one lesbian mums 'support group' (for want of a better term) but it's in Surrey which isn't exactly near.
There's also one other post on here on the same subject don't know if this is related to you at all, but at least it's good to know there's more of us out there! grin
Anyway, would be good to hear from you and I hope this will have lifted your spirits a bit.

MNingatmidnight Fri 26-Feb-10 23:04:23

I can't believe people back off! hmm. I'm in Bromley, Kent and am also a lesbian mum, but in a slightly different situation. I have recently realised I am very much gay and my dd is 6 now. I am slightly concerned about peoples reaction to dd having a step mummy once i get into a long term relationship. Personally i couldn't give a crap what others think about me, but i don't want dd getting stick for it!

Ginger80 Sat 27-Feb-10 14:16:06

What a relief that there are some mummy's out there!
mummies2b - I have checked the post you mentioned & there haven't been any updates or posts on that thread for is nice to know that we are not alone! We live in Chatham so not that far away from you really. I have also looked at the support group in Surrey but it is just too far. I guess I'm just feeling a bit isolated as nearly every baby group I have tried is full of straight mums & dads who I just don't have anything in common with - apart from a baby! You always get the questions like "so what does dad do for work" etc, and as soon as I say that our son has 2 mum's, most just gently then talk to someone else & that's it. I want our son to be able to interact & socialise which is why I go but it's not a nice experience for me. Maybe I'm just sensitive to it. I would like to stay in contact so looking forward to hearing from you.
MNingatmidnight -
I am very much like you in the fact that I also don't care what people think about me, my main concern is that our son has the opportunity like any other child with straight parents to interact & socialise & make some friends.

RubysReturn Sat 27-Feb-10 14:31:29

Hi. I know of a very nice baby group in Rainham and one Chatham, where I am pretty sure everyone is more interested in babies than your relationship grin. Not sure if that counts as like minded, but would say that all baby groups are weird in their own way, so it is just a case of finding a weird one that suits you.

mummies2b Sat 27-Feb-10 16:34:23

Well there you go, three of us have picked up on this in less than three days which is positive. smile
We're in the same school as thought in that we've always been open about our relationship and the iminent new arrival. It's not that we're adverse to baby groups, but it is nice to know there are other people out there who are from more of a 'non conventional' family set up grin
Ginger80 if you'd like you can e-mail us on and perhaps we can meet up or something. We look forward to hearing from

MNingatmidnight Sat 27-Feb-10 16:55:23

I noticed this forum before as I often use other areas of mumsnet, but also noticed it wasn't used very often. odd as pthere must be loads of gay and lesbian families on here. Hmm.

I am hoping to get to know some "non conventional" families too, one to be able to share similar experiences but also to make it easier for my daughter to understand that it's perfectly normal to have 2 mummies. i think it'll be harder for her to suddenly have to adjust to this at the age of 6, but I know kids are very flexible and she probably won't ever even mention it.


mummies2b Sat 27-Feb-10 17:15:04

Hi Lisa,

The offer extends to you too with the e-mailing.
You're right though, kids are super flexible and I always think that if you don't make a big deal of things then they just get on with. I'm sure if she's got any questions she'll just pipe up and ask! grin


Ginger80 Sat 27-Feb-10 19:20:57

RubysReturn -
Can you let me know the details of these groups please? That would be great.
Lisa - also feel free to contact us as well, the more "non conventional" families we know the better! Our email is
Kat - Would be nice to meet up, will email you soon, thanks


Ginger80 Wed 17-Mar-10 19:04:35


Did you receive our email??

jayjayp Thu 18-Mar-10 16:26:59

hi there keep checking this forum but see its not used too much surely we are not the only lesb mams on mn!!!

Ginger80 Thu 18-Mar-10 19:32:12

Hi jayjayp

No you are not alone! Where are you from?

jayjayp Fri 19-Mar-10 10:29:03

hi ginger thank god!!!! thought for a mo i was the only gay in the village!!!! I'm from north yorkshire i live in a small village with my dp and 2 ds's i am horse riding instructor and horse trainer am trying to reach out to like minders on net as am pretty isolated out here u know! i really am the only gay here!! grin

jayjayp Fri 19-Mar-10 10:29:59

I know i'm prob miles away from you guys but still like to chat?!!

Ginger80 Fri 19-Mar-10 20:23:49

Hi jayjayp

I'm sure we are not the only gay's in the village but it sometimes feels like that!! Yes, North Yorkshire is miles away but nevermind! We have a 18 week old son who is at the moment driving us crazy with teething & weaning!! I wish he had come with a manual! How do you cope being the only gay in the village?! If you want to email directly to us then feel free, address is Hope to hear from you soon....

jayjayp Fri 19-Mar-10 20:34:33

ginger: thanks for that will email you soon i have 2 ds's the oldest is 12 n youngest is 9 glad to well over teething issues and the like but have another whole box of frogs to play with right now!!!! was at the g.p's today to order extra small condoms for my eldest!!! i know right!!!! doubt he will use them properly prob just blow them up on his head or have posh wank or something, well at least i hope !! some of his m8s are sexually active already was just trying to make sure he prepared for every eventuality but to be true wasnt expecting this so soon!!!

her2mummies Wed 24-Mar-10 02:36:48

Hey all,

My partner and i have 3 children, we are lesbian mimmues, and are trying to concieve our 4th child *my 2nd* (2 of the children we have are my partners from previous straight relationships)

I have a couple of gay friends in the ketn area, and we are trying to set up a group. Becuase people would be coming from far and wide we were thinking about saturday lunchtime every other weekend.

We personally live in margate, and our friends live in cantebury and maidstone.

If we could set up a group for children of any age, but specific to gay families in the kent area, how likely do you think any of you would be to attend?



Ginger80 Wed 24-Mar-10 19:36:44

Hi Vikki

Count us in, we live in Chatham.

her2mummies Thu 25-Mar-10 20:49:35

cool ginger! are you on facebook? im trying to arrange it on there as its the central point for most of us socially inept homo's! lol

Ginger80 Mon 29-Mar-10 19:38:54

Yes on facebook, whats your user name on there so I can find you!

jayjayp Wed 31-Mar-10 13:20:22

hi am on facebook as jamie paylor pic of me on a horse if u wanna request me as afriend ta lol n hugs to all the gay mummies out there xxxxxx

Megglevache Wed 31-Mar-10 13:25:34

Hiya Ginger80 congrats on the birth of your boy , I am in Kent and it wouldn't bother me a bit if we met gay parents and their children on our travels.

Maybe it's worth posting on the other meet ups threads too?

mummies2b Thu 01-Apr-10 13:18:48


Haven't checked this thread for a while but am so glad to see the latest threads!
Count us in for any Kent meetings, we're less than five weeks away from becoming mummies but would love to meet up with other people.
I look forward to hearing any further details!! grin

K&P x

her2mummies Fri 02-Apr-10 00:38:36

Im on there as vikki childs, picture of my daughter up really close as my profile pic!

If you want me on msn i am

Catch ya later x x

mamma007 Sun 11-Apr-10 12:22:12

Hi there, just about to move to Leeds Castle area from Manchester with our 18 month old daughter and looking for a gay parent's group to join...noticed that there doesn't seem to be anything in the area, can anyone advise? We don't know any other gay families in the area we're moving to but have been blessed to be part of the Rainbow Families group in Manchester where there's more than 50 families (from adoptive gay parents, to single mums, civil partners, anonymous donor insemination to 3 parents families etc!) would be great to make connections and feel more confident about uprooting! Thanks )

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