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Hitchin/North Herts LGBT mums?

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chachamum Tue 26-Jan-10 21:23:42

Any other lesbian mums in Hitchin or North Herts? We have just moved into the area, and have seen that there is a St Albans group, but haven't found anything closer to Hitchin. Let me know if anyone else is interested in setting something up?

CJ75 Wed 24-Feb-10 07:51:37

have you checked gingerbeer too? It's more active for gay mums

zambuk Fri 17-Sep-10 11:10:53


Saw your message and athough I see it was posted in January I wondered if you had started anything? I would be interested in helping you start a group.

CJ75 Sun 03-Oct-10 08:27:55

Hi - just to say St Albans group is still going (now organised as private group on facebook) but we have mums that travel e.g. Rickmansworth/Islington - there are 20 mums on the group but not all make the meets

CJ75 Fri 01-Apr-11 12:11:00


Just to let you know we've opened a yahoo egroup for the St Albans & surrounding area gay parents and parents to be.

Join here


kate1301239 Thu 11-Feb-16 21:50:16

Hiya! I’m Kate and I’m currently studying photography at the Arts University in Bournemouth. I’ve started a project on same-sex/ LGBT Parents and I think you guys would be perfect for it! I come from same sex parents myself and want to show the normality of our families, id love to come and photograph yours for the project, it could be a great way for you to get some family pictures too I hope to hear from you soon, Kate smile

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