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lesbian parents southampton and surrounding .....

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mum2tegan Mon 24-Aug-09 18:17:27

hi all im lisa im 28 and my partner is caz she is 33 we have a 12month old daughter called tegan we are looking to meet other gay families for meets playdates etc

LesbianMummy1 Sat 05-Sep-09 10:45:39

hi we are in Portsmouth have daughter 7 son 3

OursWithLove Tue 06-Oct-09 19:44:58

We are in Basingstoke, and actively trying with a known donor. Hopeful of pregnancy soon, so keen to find a suportive local group of fellow lesbimums for the future!

mysticflayme Thu 07-Oct-10 21:54:04

used to live in southampton and still often visit there so thought i'd see if anyone was interested in chatting, new to this and desperate to find other lesbian mums to befriend

OursWithLove Sat 22-Jan-11 12:49:21

now 33 weeks pregnant (expecting a son) & we are keen to meet other lesbian mums in the hampshire area for friendship in the future.

mums2be Wed 04-May-11 17:54:14

Hi OursWithLove,

We are new to this and have just found out we are pregnant! We are wanting to meet other gay/lesbian parents in the area. hows having a baby??

Rory77 Sun 28-Aug-11 11:17:18

Hello, is anyone from this thread still around?

2mummys Fri 18-Nov-11 12:05:47

Hey this is mums2be but we lost our login details. We are still around.

LesbianMummy1 Sun 20-Nov-11 19:16:59

Hey I am still here it just dropped off my actives are dc's are now dd1 9 (nearly 10) ds2 5 so be great to meet up with anybody

Tinkys1984 Thu 24-Nov-11 21:17:00


We are in Waterlooville area looking to meet up with other gay families in the area

LesbianMummy1 Fri 25-Nov-11 07:26:24

Hi Tinkys you are not far from us about 10 - 20 minute drive do you have dc's if so what ages?

Taff30 Wed 30-Nov-11 23:20:53

W are in Southampton, looking for other gay families to meet up with. We have a 7 month old girl who is in to everything! Anyone fancy getting in touch?


kathdoug Tue 03-Jan-12 16:46:17

Hi all,

I am new to this.

I live on the outskirts of Southampton, but am originally from up North. Have lived down here for over 1 year and still don't know anyone :-(

Me and my civil partner have been together for 15 years and I am due to start fertility treatment in the next few weeks. it would be nice to meet other gay families.

2mummies0712 Thu 05-Jan-12 21:02:59

Hey everyone,

We are from fareham and have a 4 week old son and are looking for other gay families.
Get in touch if you want to chat or socialize.

smile so Kathdoug if you want to chat drop us a message

girafee1 Sat 21-Jan-12 19:29:28

Hi all,We are a gay parents expecting our first child in March and looking for other gay families to socialise and meet up with in the Southampton/hants area,so if your interested message us.

lozybelle Tue 16-Oct-12 17:00:59

I'm looking for LGBT parents and carers of all ages to participate in my research project. The focus of my dissertation is on the location choice of LGBT carers when raising families; why do certain cities have a higher proportion of LGBT families compared to other cities? The method is one short questionnaire which is anonymous and all of my research is in accordance with the University of Southampton’s ethics policy. If you are interested in taking part please email

Many thanks

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