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biscuit123 Sun 02-Aug-09 01:16:57

hi i would like to make new friends to e mail,txt, chat etc. am seperated from my partner we have an 18 month old son (im non bio mum) who i have 2 evenings in week and at weekends, so i dont get out. i would like to just make some friends with other lesbian mums. my son is my world and i dont see myself changing the times i see him so am finding it very lonely once he is in bed.

kormachameleon Sun 02-Aug-09 01:30:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

biscuit123 Sun 02-Aug-09 01:36:46

no i guess not, it was just that i dont know any other lesbian mums,ihave a few good friends at work but they are all married, so having a chat in the evening isnt always convienent, i seem to find myself on facebook quite a lot lol

hester Sun 02-Aug-09 21:23:31

Hi biscuit, there are a number of lesbian mums on here, but the lesbian topics aren't that busy. You'll find loads of great people to chat to on other parts of Mumsnet, though. Oh, and have you tried gingerbeer? Loads and loads of lesbian mums on there - many more than you get on here, I think.

But in the meantime, welcome to Mumsnet and many congratulations on your ds. I'm one of the lesbian 'regulars' on here; my dd is 3 and we live in London.

biscuit123 Mon 03-Aug-09 11:46:39

hi hester yea i have posted on gingerbeer and have watched a number of posts it took a bit of courage just to post and i know that sounds silly. i am hoping to take my boy to the st albans meet i just have to ask my ex if it is ok as it is a monday.

LesbianMummy1 Tue 04-Aug-09 21:03:14

hi cat me if you want and can give you numbers we have dd7 ds3 next week

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